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Andrius Kupstaitis, PPC expert talks about success in performance marketing

Andrius Kupstaitis, CEO of “Nuevo Reklama”, Google PPC expert, performance marketer, actively participating in Vilnius social scene and extreme sports talks about his path in business.

Everything started quite unexpectedly. I moved to Vilnius and was looking for a job, but unsuccessfully. And I found a business niche related to Google advertising, which nobody knew about in Lithuania at that time. I used my expertise in finding clients from a previous job, luckily everybody wanted that, so I built a client base and learned first business lessons. After couple years working with it I met my good friend and a business partner, who showed me other niches and taught me how to do it in the U.S. So, I opened up a company and started doing it professionally, I started specializing in performance marketing niche called “pay per call”.

I faced and still facing many challenges on the way, but lessons from the previous business were very valuable and helped me. I think it’s important to do what you are passionate about because it gives you edge and advantage because you put much effort into it. There is a saying – find what you love, and you won’t have to work. Also, its hard to create anything yourself, friends and partners always help. Important to be sociable and be friendly, so you can meet great people.

Foto: Gediminas Žilinskas

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