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Agreement on Lithuanian Defence Policy Guidelines signed

“Signature of the agreement is an important piece of evidence of political consensus concerning continued strengthening and modernisation of armed forces,” Minister of National Defence said on September 1 when the agreement “On Lithuanian Defence Policy Guidelines” was signed by political parties represented at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

The agreement covers major Lithuanian defence policy framework, ensurement of proper defence budget, strengthening of the Lithuanian armed forces and solving personnel-related challenges, and increasing appeal of military service and resilience of the society and state institutions to hybrid threats.

The agreement is a commitment to steadily increase defence financing to reach at least 2.5 percent of GDP by 2030, 0.5 percent more than planned for this year.

The document also lays down an agreement on general armed forces development priorities with a particular focus on air defence capability and land force development, commits to ensure financing for intelligence services and supporting cyber security capabilities. In acknowledgement of military service added value for stronger public resilience and defence potential and having assessed the general situation of possibilities and need for manning, modernisation and infrastructure development in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, it was agreed to assess the possibility of establishing general conscription in 2022.

The document addresses in detail prevention of hybrid threats: on the basis of assessment of threats an d risk factors to national security and public resilience, the agreement foresees drawing up a strategy for protecting the state against cyber threats.

Photo credit: Giedrė Maksimovicz (MoD)

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