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Appraisals’ time: sad goodbye, new hello

In the majority of cases do analysis is one of those things that could bring an inner-crisis. This is en effect a long procedure where you have to review all the events of a certain period of time and list them finding out pros and cons of each one.

However, in some cases this operation becomes very simple, when for instance there are not any cons.

This is actually the balance that I drawing over my stay in Lithuania. As I wrote, and repeated several times to the astonished faces of those who asked me: “Why Lithuania? How are you here?” the answer has always been the same: the whole experience has been amazing.

Right amazing, because when I filled out this application I could not really have imagined all the situations in which I found myself, the people I knew, the places I visited and the emotions that have been kidnapping me.

While I was completing the paper to this small and unknown country I realized I did it more for the sake of trying something new without knowing at all local’s language, culture and ways of living. Therefore, without any expectations I launched myself into this new adventure and it is absolutely worthy.

At this point it’s hard for me to separate the professional experience from the human one because by the time they have intersected becoming just one. Having the opportunity to openly express my views on the social life of Lithuania allowed me to perfectly integrate into the social fabric of this country, I have frequented VIP ones and participated with them at breath-taking events, I spoke with politicians, students, teachers, activists and much more without ever having a censorship but rather noticing always a great interest for diversity. I had the opportunity to establish links that I will take with me not only in Italy but everywhere I will go in the world.

This last goodbye articles actually represent a general and generalized thank to all those who have composed the mosaic of these months of my life. Thanks to all of you because each one in its own way gave me something that made me richer. Thanks to the staff of Ltlife for giving me the opportunity to create together this window always open over Vilnius, which I hope has been interesting and useful.

Finally, I thank this great city that has so much to offer and especially nothing to envy to the other European’s chaotic megalopolis.

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