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Aristocratic games at the Burbiškis manor

Ladies and Gentlemen!

This Saturday’s afternoon at the Burbiškis manor will be filled with the best traditional games all about the historic culture of manors. Youngsters and adults will all surely enjoy the outside leisure activities, manors picnic and the pleasant company.

Guests are expected to arrive from 11:30, with the program lasting till around 18:30. As it is not mandatory to participate in all of the activities, guests can arrive at any suitable time for them.

Activities include: Royal Croquet (together with the royal croquets founder in Lithuania Saulius Jakutavičius) Archery with “Robin Hood” Pétanque- a French game involving special metal spheres. Cube- an ancient outside game of the Vikings. Manors board games for the little ones, as well as, adults in the historical halls within the manor. Q&A’s and a tour regarding antiquity subtleties with courtiers and experts of the matter.

Each and every person attending the event will receive a picnic bag containing Italian and Lithuanian delicacies.
Price for Adults: 30 EUR/per | Price for Children: 20EUR/per

Number of tickets is limited. It’s advised to have an umbrella in case it rains, not to be worried however, as the program will continue in the manor itself.

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