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Car sharing: how to move into future

Nowadays mobility within a capital has become one of the criteria for evaluating its liveability and quality of life of those who live in there. To make short urban journeys would always be preferable use public transport you said, but just if they are working properly and if they are able to provide an adequate service to the needs.

However, the areas that usually remain poorly served are those more remote or at the antipodes the city centres, which are normally closed to cars by restricted traffic areas that are open to passage only at times decided by the municipality. Further, other problematic common to all drivers is the search of a car park.

How many times happened to have to run out and buy something in the downtown shopping and once there spending hours and hours looking for a place that obviously in most cases is no for free parking.

All these problems that plague drivers citizens and also those who on the contrary do not possess their own car are currently outweighed by the new systems of car sharing. Yet, we know exactly what the car sharing is?

Car sharing is a whole new way to own a car. It starts initially to spread in many European capitals where the problems that have been highlighted above were causing great inconvenience to drivers. This service provides a number of cars to actually share it. These cars are parked in some areas of the city easily recognizable and above all traceable through your PC or even comfortably from your smartphone. Thus you can know in real time where the nearest car is located, if there are any available and if someone has already booked it.

This service also comes in order to save time and money, in fact, through the on line booking you can book your car right to the fraction of time in which you know you need it without any inefficiencies and waste. This service also allows you to pay for the exact time you use it and normally the price includes gasoline, insurance and maintenance. No extra expenses are applied to the final consumer who in a transparent way is immediately aware of the price that will be paid. Finally, for all those who are interested also to safeguard the environment should certainly know they are using a green car with low CO2 emissions and perfectly matching with the most advanced European standards.

At this point you’re probably wondering how to use this service?

The watchword is definitely simplicity. En effect you can access the service in three simple steps which consist in a quick registration for the creation of your custom account, at this point you can choose the car and book it. Once there the car is opened by a code that you receive on your phone and you’re done.

That of car sharing is a phenomenon in absolute growth and towards which are moving many capital to decrease the flow of cars in circulation, especially in town centres and where traffic could create major inconvenience. If you want to move through future you just have to share the car!

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