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Elegant shapes bringing closer to the sky: Saint Anne Church

When the time starts to get late, the wind definitely cold whisk in the trees and the moisture seeps into your bones making you feel frozen chills, you realize that it is time to leave the park. However, it is the sunset time when all things appear a little more magical. 

Even those who can’t certainly define themselves incorrigible romantics can’t, under that particular light, not feel involved in that magic.

The old historical centre of Vilnius certainly does not represent an exception to this tale. In particular there is a place that actually contributes to make the atmosphere even more enchanted and bring the visitor back in time.

Between Bernardinu Park and the northern border of the Republic of Uzupis there is a spectacular church. The only true masterpiece of Gothic art remained in the city: Saint Anne Church.

There are no official documents that witnesses the year in which the construction works had begun or the name of the architect or still the client’s one. In any case, it would seem that the first structure was built on the present site for the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, who’s name was Anne, wife of Vytautas. Then, a fire of gigantic proportions that seems to have hit Vilnius in 1419 did not spare the German Catholic church that went almost completely destroyed.

The reconstruction took place during the ‘500 and architects who oversaw it thought to brick as a material more durable. Since that moment, the external facade of the church has remained virtually unchanged. The red colour of these bricks give a particularly evocative light by shimmering it of purple’s shades although the proportions are modest.

Legend wants that Napoleon Bonaparte during the Russian campaign in the 1812 war against the Zar, while was stopped in Vilnius he said in front of this little gem of wanting to lock up in his hand and take it with him in Paris, such a connoisseur the Emperor!

The restored interior is characterized by clean and simple line. No pomps are present even in the pink marble church’s altar. A large organ dominates the small aisle where obviously is still celebrated Masses for the faithful.

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