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Every human being dreams to fly

What is so fascinating in extreme sports? Why despite the risk, sometimes of life itself, they carry such a special charm that is able to kidnap even the more quiet and peaceful imagination?

Well, some would say that these sports are an escape from everyday life, from the daily routine, others would respond that the dose of adrenaline flowing through your veins after any extreme experience becomes a vice, an addiction, a drug of which after a while you start to feel the need. This is all true, both these are valid reasons, and probably it is possible to find millions more. In any case as regards me, personally I’ve always been fascinated by everything that is not conventional, I’ve always been captured by the will to understand the feelings of the unordinary, and that’s why I wanted to try on my skin a parachute jump.

Some time ago I found myself talking to Ingrida Šulcaitė. Now you know her and hers very special hobby. At that time, while we were speaking she tried to explain me in words the feelings she fells every time when the door of the plane opens up and you launch into space, but it was not really possible and she kept telling me that I could only try it to really understand and she was right.

Thus, this weekend I joined a parachutist’s group and we left for Marijampolés to close the season of launches.

As our excellent pilots had forecasted the weather was by our side and it looked like he had opened a blue gash in the middle of a muffled grey sky. As soon as we got to the track a handful of proven skydivers were waiting for us ready to begin the training.

Obviously, these sports must be made following all the safety rules that impose every extreme situation. Therefore, after the dressing time, overalls à la main like astronauts heading to the infinity and beyond, we have seen and listened carefully to everything that had to be done in the air, positions to maintain, posture during the launch and all you would have facilitated the instructor and us.

Ready, set, go when the plane takes off a sense that varies from shades of fear to tone of excitement and nervousness. “Have you any doubt?” I was asked; here I am, not even for a second. When the aircraft reached an altitude that was between 3000 and 4000 meters, the landscape had become charming, tepid sun warmed ours faces stunned by the sight of this green mantle, of the forest below, of the water’s mirror that sprang naturally between the trees. By the way, when suddenly the door was opened the scene fades and I was just trying to remember what to do. We approach the exit fighting against the force of the wind that pushes you inside, trying to dissuade you, but finally the signal was given and you dive into the void.

The free fall is generally 35/45 seconds before the parachute has to be opened, however during this short time you experiment such an inexplicable feelings. Everything you feel is actually amplified, the seconds stretch and over the body the mind flies. Only when the parachute opens then time stops its alteration to stabilize and everything resumes: the landscape, the stunts. My instructor, a long-time athlete, follows on the heels of the currents, all recorded by the air gaps in the stomach, and we ran in the humid clouds to land softly on the ground.

The first impression as soon as my feet touched the solid ground? I want to redo it and I’ll do.

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