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Famous Lithuanian people originally honoured the commemoration of General Vėtra (Storm)

On Wednesday evening, masterpieces of the world class „Golden Fund“ and songs of Freedom fighters rang near the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius.

The piano brought by the initiators was decorated with the legendary tricolour flag of the Freedom fighters. The event brought together representatives of various organizations, as well as well-known people.

„Our strength lies in unity. War is a tragedy. Under difficult circumstances, General Vėtra (Storm) fought against both the Soviet and Nazi regimes. With this action, we recalled our tragedy in the language of music, understood by the whole world,“ said Alkas Paltarokas, the initiator of the homage.

It is important to know your history „I am proud of the history of Lithuania, we are small but strong, we have had many heroes, and I believe more are still to come, but we must know and respect them! Please ask yourselves: Would you be able to endure the brutal torture of NKVD officers and still not betray your brothers-in-arms..? Could you, with your head held high, accept a death sentence for protecting and defending your homeland..? Hmm.. I would very much like to believe that I could… Yesterday, the artists and scientists of Lithuania gathered for a peaceful rally in order to preserve the memory of General Vėtra (Storm). They expressed their protests through music and song. I thank them wholeheartedly! Our songs, bravery and thirst for freedom are what stopped tanks, what tore down the Soviet Union. That’s why I believe that with the power of song we can, once again, tear down the Soviet propaganda-run bulldozers that are trying to destroy our history!“ spoke entrepreneur Nora Lapinskienė.

We must stand united

The homage was visited by a crowd of famous people. Lithuania’s history and its Freedom fighters are important to many. „We must stand united. The whole world knows that Lithuania is a land of strong warriors,“ said Edgaras Jankauskas, a famous football player.

Music – a language understood by the whole world.

During the homage, masterpieces of the world class „Golden Fund“ and songs of Freedom fighters were performed by singer Agnė Sabulytė, violinist Agnė Doveikaitė and pianist Linas Dužinskas.

„Music always unites people. Being at the Library of the Academy of Sciences, where the commemorative plaque to Jonas Noreika once hung, and listening to professionals of classical music was really lovely. There is no anger, no arguing, we simply want to preserve the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Lithuania. Every Nation protects its fighters,“ emphasized Angelė Jakavonytė.

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