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Famous people enjoyed aristocratic entertainment at Burbiškis Manor

The Burbiškis Manor, located in picturesque Anykščiai Regional Park, presented a themed event that attracted lots of elegant guests, who filled the courtyard of the manor with a fun bustle. Among the guests, famous Lithuanian basketball player Linas Kleiza with his wife Agneta Kleizienė, professional stylist Olga Wiseman with her husband Alexander Wiseman, singer, actress Agnė Sabulytė, public figure Alkas Paltarokas, opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas.

Guests had the chance to try various kinds of aristocratic games as the Royal Croquet, introduced by Saulius Jakutavičius, the pioneer of this game in Lithuania, test their archery skills, play French mansion game with metal balls Pétanque or the lawn game Kubb – the alleged Viking origin of the game has led some players and Kubb fans to nickname the game “Viking chess”. Both adults and children engaged in fun games. Guests could also get a closer look at the neoclassical era style palace ensemble and here exhibited antiques during the guided excursions. Three-Michelin-star restaurant, with professional chef from Italia in the forefront, invited guests for a refined picnic meal.

Andrius Tričius presented his handmade knives. The “TRC knives” brand offers both standard and unit knives for different uses – for hunters, military, collectors or for household use. Even the chef of the Burbiškis Manor restaurant, tested the sharpness of the knife and was impressed by the quality of it. Participants also praised the unique design of the knives.

Opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas shared his impressions about the afternoon in Burbiškis Manor: „Today was full of entertainment, I had a chance to try Royal Croquet. Exceptional taste of food, impressive mansion environment, the professionals working here – everything creates a really special atmosphere. Everything at Burbiškis Manor is at the highest level with a touch of luxury. It’s great that you can come here to relax not only for a half-day, but also with an overnight stay.”

Agneta Kleizienė told: “Burbiškis Manor stands out for its extremely hospitable owners, stunning kitchen chef. We had a delicious dinner. Also, we got the chance to try various outdoors games, I even tried my archery skills and I was doing pretty well (smiles). Had a lot of fun!” “The hosts also provided the opportunity to watch the important basketball match,” adds Linas Kleiza. “It’s always great to come back here.”

“The mood is very good, after all, so many wonderful people have come together today. Although many of us have just met, the feeling is that we have been together many times in front of a common fireplace where many stories were told. It’s a lot of fun. Loved the cozy environment of the mansion and the team games, but the companionship between the people is the most important thing. Hade a great afternoon!” – said Aurimas Navys, a reserve soldier with impressive experience.

The revived Burbiškis Manor located in Anykščiai Regional Park, hosted by former famous model Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang and her family, promises more themed events to be held in the manor and invites you to come to admire the finely crafted architectural monument that is included on the European Heritage sites list, enjoy top-class restaurant dishes, extend your stay, book accommodations in spectacular manor rooms, hold seminars, exhibitions, and other events.

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