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Flags of all the four armed services flew for the first time on Lithuanian Armed Forces Day

“I am grateful to every soldier for their contribution to the domestic support tasks of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. I am delighted by your ability to answer the expectations and trust of the community in the times of the coronavirus when everyone needed some military order, planning, precision and focussing on the goal,” acting Minister of National Defence said in his congratulations on Lithuanian Armed Forces Day.

Lithuanian Armed Forces Day is celebrated on November 23. This year the traditional celebration has been modified by various coronavirus precautions as Lithuania grapples with the pandemic just like most of the world does.

The main accent of the celebration was the unveiling and presentation of the Special Operations Forces organisational colours at the formal flag hoisting ceremony at the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas Headquarters Battalion. Following this symbolic act all organisational flags of the four armed services of the Lithuanian Armed Forces – Land, Navy, Air, and Special Operations – were hoisted for the first time. The Lithuanian Armed Forces Honour Guard Company performed with gun salutes and the Lithuanian Armed Forces Band played at the event.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces Day celebration date is associated with the first order passed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on 23 November 1918 concerning organisation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. This year marks the 102nd anniversary of the re-established Lithuanian Armed Forces that dates back to the forces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Most of the traditional commemorations were cut or replaced in accordance with the coronavirus precautions applied in the Armed Forces and in line with the Ministry of Health recommendations this year based on the pandemic considerations.

Photo credits: A.Pliadis, R.Katinaitė

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