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Gabrielė Pioraitė broke the Lithuanian record for the highest female kitesurfing jump

Last Friday, the kitesurfing professional, Gabrielė Pioraitė, jumped to a height of 17.1 metres in the Baltic Sea, thus breaking her own previously accomplished Lithuanian record. The former record for the highest female kitesurfing jump was 16.7 metres.

The record was reached in extreme weather conditions to which the kitesurfing enthusiast were looking forward all summer. ‘We haven’t had such excellent conditions throughout this mild summer: the Baltic waves were raging, the wind was sharp and strong, there was intermittent rain. Strong wind creates the opportunities for achieving better results, but it also increases the risk – each mistake can carry serious consequences,’ said the Lithuanian sportswoman.

Even though the kite surfers were eagerly anticipating strong winds, the inclement conditions did thin the crowds – some decided to stay safe and not join the others’ pursuits.

The Lithuanian sportswoman Pioraitė also holds the world record for the highest female jump, which none of her competitors have managed to beat in over a year. The biggest accomplishment of Gabrielė is this very world record that she achieved last year in the Atlantic Ocean, in Cape Town, South Africa. Gabrielė made a kitesurfing jump of 23.6 meters and broke the world record for the highest female jump by 50 centimetres.

There are only around 2000 kitesurfing women in the world that consistently compete for results. Leading by example, Pioraitė says that her aim is to break the stereotypes and to prove that this popular global extreme water sport offers real opportunities for women to achieve incredible results.

This year, Pioraitė started sharing her experience with others and opened her own kitesurfing school, Gspot Kitesurfing, in Svencelė on the Curonian Bay. This is a new space for active leisure and memorable experiences that is open and welcoming to novices and professionals alike.

Last week, the Bay hosted the Lithuanian kitesurfing championship, Svencelė Kite Competition, where the Gspot Kiteboarding team instructors came in first in a team relay contest against other Lithuanian kitesurfing schools.

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