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Galve jazz fiesta

The old capital of Lithuania – Trakai is often  recognized not only by the old castles of the city, the ones that witness a history of the country. Not only by a beautiful nature as well. Since  2008 Trakai is well known also because of “Galve jazz fiesta”.

“Galve jazz fiesta” is the only one project in Lithuania where you can enjoy Jazz performed by local and foreign jazz music celebrities while on a boat. Jazz fans go for a journey around Galve’s lake by boat enjoying not only the music but also a view as Trakai castle, Uzutrakis palace, astonishing landscape and sunset.

The last chords are played when the sun goes down and the boat goes back to “Karaliskas sodas” wharf. Journeys by jazz boat are filled with an extremely cozy atmosphere. This is because the music interflows with a changing nature  leaving the unforgettable moments for everyone.

“Galve jazz fiesta” – different Trakai filled with the sounds of Jazz.

Rafał Jackiewicz Jazz Quintet (Poland)
Rafał Jackiewicz –saxophone, Robert Kosiński – trombone,
Michał Putrzyński – keyboard, Anna Pawłowska –contrabass,
Mateusz Lorenowicz – percussion
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Edgar Sabilo Jazz Quintet
Ksenija Selezneva – vocal (Russia), Edgar Sabilo – keyboard,
Roman Plotnikov –contrabass (Russia), Bharata Rajnošek – wind instrument (Czech Republic),
Vladimir Borisov – percussion (Russia)
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Eglė Petrošiūtė & Vytautas Skudas Quartet
Eglė Petrošiūtė – vocal, Vytautas Skudas – trumpet, Paulius Zdanavičius – keyboard,
Eugenijus Kanevičius – contrabass, Darius Rudis – percussion
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Veronika Chi Chi – „Singer of a 1000 faces“
Veronika ChiChi – vocal, Dmitrij Golovanov – keyboard,
Heikko Remmel – contrabass (Estonia), Augustas Baronas – percussion
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Laura Budreckytė and Metronomai
Laura Budreckytė – vocal, Remigijus Rančys –saxophone,
Richardas Banys – piano, Gediminas Svilas – contrabass,
Robertas Vilčinskas – percussion
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Viktorija Pilatovič and Paulius Zdanavčius Group
Viktorija Pilatovič – vocal, Vytautas Skudas – trumpet, flugelhorn,
Paulius Zdanavičius – keyboard, Ernest Germanovič – bass guitar,
Jonas Filmanavičius – percussian
Concert starts at 7.30 pm.

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