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Germany will allocate 500 thousand euros to the Lithuanian Armed Forces infrastructure

On September 7 at the Ministry of National Defence, Vice Minister Eimutis Misiūnas and German Ambassador to Lithuania Matthias Sonn signed an arrangement according to which Germany will allocate up to 500 thousand euros in order to plan ammunition storage facilities in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. These funds are allocated to Lithuania at no charge under the German Government’s program „Ensuring and Strengthening the Security, Defence and Stability of Partner Countries“.


„Germany’s military contribution and investments in the long-term security of Lithuania once again show the responsible approach of Germany to the security of Lithuania and all the Baltic States. This perfectly reflects the long-term investments to the improvement of the Lithuanian Armed Forces infrastructure and the permanent German contingent in Lithuania with more than 500 military personnel,” said Vice Minister of National Defence Eimutis Misiūnas.


“A joint investment in the capabilities of NATO. Today, this is a small part of 100 million euros allocated for the defence infrastructure in Lithuania,” marked the German Ambassador to Lithuania M. Sonn.


New ammunition storage facilities will be built in most military units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. It is planned that another 1 million euro for design works will be allocated by the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


This joint Lithuanian-German project is being implemented, taking into account the success of previous projects. In 2018 Germany at no charge provided 1 million euro for the modernization of the infrastructure of Pabradė and Gaižiūnai training areas, installed multifunctional shooting ranges. The country is a long-term close partner of Lithuania in modernizing the Lithuanian Armed Forces, its armament and other military equipment.


With the growth of national defence funding, Lithuania pays great attention to the renewal and development of military infrastructure, and seeks to create suitable conditions for soldiers training. By improving the combat training infrastructure, the boundaries of Lithuanian military training grounds and the surrounding military training territories are being expanded, their infrastructure is being renewed, new training fields are being equipped, and they are being adapted for the newly acquired armament.



Photo by Alfredas Pliadis

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