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How is Lithuania represented in its local websites?

After having reviewed a wide series of international web pages, especially Italians, and above all after having discovered the perspective about Lithuania that emerges from them I asked myself a new question.  It was inevitable to wonder which was rather the image that the same Lithuanians wants to give about themselves through national websites.

Certainly what is immediately evident is the strong desire to show a great and quick growth of the country and not only from an economic point of view but also from social and cultural ones.

Indeed, Lithuania is a very young country that exploits the creativity and the technological possibilities, which can be offered by the ideas of the new generations. The entrance in Europe, occurred in 2004, opened its borders fostering a number of young people to study abroad and to professionalize themselves in the best European universities. These young are now the fervent entrepreneurial class ready to put into use their talents and the knowledge they have acquired. Economy also reflects this trend although in fact it remains strongly linked to agriculture that in the countryside continues to be the major source of income. Currently the tertiary sector of services characterized by the new startups is what drives the whole system.

For how to concern culture, the category that shows huge lacks in international webs, it is cautiously looked after in local ones.  Every page that I watched underlines a big variety of projects they have. Starting from Art, going into Cinema, Theatre and Music, of course.

The projects are many and for all tastes, widespread patchy across the territory although the main concentration is in the capital. In Vilnius art galleries springing up like mushrooms in autumn and every week there is a different festival proposal. Currently on the bill we can count from that one about independent documentary to international shorts, to finish with Sirenos, an important theatre festival that presents artists from all over Europe.

Although in Lithuania the national sentiment and the attachment to theirs own culture is very strong, in any case is possible to register a large opening towards the outside, Europe on the one hand, but also to Russia on the other.

Then, Lithuania together with suggestive small historic town and evocative landscapes is able to offer, to all those that deepen the research, a very interesting and varied proposal of cultural events.

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