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How is London street style fashion coping with 30 degree heat followed by rainy days?

London is a capital of the world’s business, communications, education and fashion. Diversity – a great word to describe this lively city. From one area to the other you can meet creative, smart, interesting individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and heritages. This diversity and individuality forms London’s street fashion. In this article you will see street style fashion from the most vibrant areas of London – Soho, Mayfair, Camden, Southbank and Elephant & Castle.

Recently, London has been hit by a wave of heat, with temperature going up to 29 degrees above Celsius. Now, the city is back to its typical grey rainy days. So in this article you will be able to find street style in the beaming heat of summer and in a classic London weather setting.

So, let’s dive in and take a walk through areas of London with an eye out for fresh, innovative and stylish looks.


This is an area of the City of Westminster, part of the West End of London. Soho is known for its lively vibes and energy. It has also been at the centre of London’s LGBTQ+ community for decade with buzzing gay bars. This area is famous for music, fashion and colour. In this area you can find all sorts of looks and fashion, moreover every one is unique and very individual.


This is also an area in the West End London, close to Hyde Park. Mayfair is known for high fashion boutiques, spacious white streets and flagship stores. There are Selfridges and Liberties of London – two of London’s most notable and expensive department stores. So, Mayfair is central not only geographically, but fashionably too. Compared to Soho, this is a very classy area, where as Soho has an edge of queer to it whoch makes it unique.


If you are into experimental, fresh fashion with a touch of punk – Camden is a must see area, especially the Camden market with its endless tunnels and shops full of beautiful handmade products. You can find anything here, from vintage clothes to kitchen utensils. As it is a market, there are great varieties of cuisines from all around the world.


Southbank is definitely an area you have to visit. Pedestrians’ only path right by the London eye is perfect for a morning run or a walk with friends and family. It is perfect on a hot summer day picnic with a breeze from the river. There is also plenty of options for food in this area, there is a Southbank Market which has delicious street food and there are also plenty of bars and pubs alongside the river.

As part of the aftermath of the pandemic, people are self-expressing more than ever through their fashion. After sitting at home without the option of showing off many outfits, we can finally get out and shine – this energy and excitement is in the air on London streets. The pandemic has also rooted us with comfy clothing, so now trackies and baggy clothing can be a part of a fierce look. Who said fashion has to be uncomfortable? Also, as a result of sitting at homes, there is a lot more custom-made clothing on the streets, and luckily it is also a trend. Handmade graffiti or patterns on clothes makes the outfit unique and stands you out from the crowd. Masks have also become part of our daily wear – they are a fashion statement on their own and can be a great addition to your look. As for summer trends at this time in London, it is all about individuality and comfort.

Overall, London is a city full of individuality and controversy. Each area shown above stands out because of its unique, beaming energy. Beautiful landscape throughout, fresh and risky looks, spirit of freedom – all of that is balanced with tradition and classiness, and that is the essence of London. In these photos, I hoped to capture the energy, not just the clothes, because it is essential for an eye-catching look.


Story and photos by Alina Yakushova

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