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Kitesurfing Champion Gabrielė Pioraitė opens a school: I want to share my passion

If even part of what kitesurfing enthusiast say about it is true, it is unsurprising why more and more people are head over heels in love with the sport. A sense of immense freedom, physical and mental meditation, and all-embracing peace that washes over you back on land – no one can stay indifferent to such experiences. Kitesurfing is thought to be best for relaxation, but it can also bring about fundamental life changes and an opportunity to re-examine one’s values. Gabrielė Pioraitė is one those whose life was turned upside down by kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing – love at first sight!

When Gabrielė first tried out kitesurfing in 2016, she immediately fell in love with the sport. Soon after, she traded in her office job, business outfits and high heels for the wind, water, and a new lifestyle. Today, Gabrielė – or Gabby abroad – is recognised as a kitesurfing professional and a world record-holder who has since participated and won many championships. In 2020, she did a 23.6 m jump in Cape Town and dedicated this personal victory and the world record to all women and those lacking self-confidence.

Courage can be learned

Gabrielė says that she has experienced the value of kitesurfing with all her being both in personal and professional life: she has gained more motivation and positivity, while courage has become her closest ally. ‘Many believe that you’re born with courage, but not many know that it is a habit that can be learned,’ says the champion. ‘Once you know that, you can then make kitesurfing your own, expand the limits of your opportunities and develop courage.’ No less than the sport itself, Gabrielė admires its wonderful and active community. ‘It isn’t just a sport. It’s an active lifestyle, a sport, community and nature; it’s joy, emotion, experience and so much more,’ she explains with a smile.

Impossible to imagine – it must be experienced

In the very sense of the word, I am crazy about kitesurfing and I want to share this passion with others,’ says Gabrielė. This is why she has decided to apply her knowledge and experience and open the doors to her own kitesurfing school Gspot Kiteboarding in Svencelė. This is a space for active leisure where anyone can try out kitesurfing, find likeminded people and even go on life-changing adventures. According to Gabrielė, Svencelė, which is located on the Curonian Bay, is a unique slice of paradise that draws people who are crazy about the wind. Due to the particularities of the Bay, Gspot is very welcoming to beginners. It offers the ideal conditions for everyone to enjoy kitesurfing regardless of their abilities.

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