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Lithuania celebrates centenary of the re-established Lithuanian Armed Forces: military parade to be held in Vilnius

On November 24 celebration of the centenary of the Re-established Lithuanian Armed Forces will take place in Vilnius. The main event – a solemn formation and parade of military equipment will take place at midday in Konstitucijos Avenue.

The event will be attended by top leadership of the country, military leadership, delegates of foreign countries, guests – representatives of 27 countries.

At noon a flag hoisting ceremony and a solemn formation with participation of roughly 1800 troops, 49 platoons in total, will take place by the National Gallery of Art. Moreover, platoons or flag groups of soldiers from 14 NATO and partner states will be participating. After the formation the troops will parade down Konstitucijos av. towards Kalvarijų str., then military equipment will start moving from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences roundabout – nearly 80 military vehicles of various purposes will be on public display.

“Since the most ancient times a disciplined military formation has been a symbol of a proper military readiness. The same rule is valid in the 21st century too – military units have to act in a concerted way on the battlefield, great attention is paid to synchronisation of military actions. A unanimous and orderly formation demonstrates the Armed Forces’ ability to act properly on the battlefield too,” Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brigadier General Valdemaras Rupšys says. He will be in command of the whole formation and the equipment parade in the upcoming event.

The parade will put on public display prototypes of Vilkas, the newest Lithuanian Armed Forces’ infantry fighting vehicles, PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers, HMMWV armoured all-terrain vehicles, quadrupeds, motorcycles and ATVs of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces, logistical support vehicles of various purposes, air defence equipment. Our allies will show tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery guns, ATVs, etc. U.S. soldiers will bring specifically for the audience to be able to see a Patriot long-range air defence system. Aircraft of the Lithuanian Air Force and the Royal Belgian Air Component of the Belgian Defence currently conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states will greet the audience with a flypast over Konstitusijos av. After the parade soldiers will be congratulated by G&G Sindikatas and Biplan bands’ performance, winners of the Military Song Contest will be announced.

The public will be able to observe the event from both sides of Konstitucijos av. The parade will start from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences roundabout and end in Kalvarijų str. It will be broadcast on screens in the street and also on LRT.

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