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Lithuania to transfer munitions to Ukraine on a non-reimbursable basis

On February 6 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania passed a resolution to donate tangible current assets – ammunition – to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Total worth of the transferred assets (ammunition for Soviet-made light small arms – automatic rifles, machine-guns – of the Lithuanian Armed Forces not used anymore and not planned to be used in the future) is EUR 255 thousand.

“The transfer of assets is a part of consistent and comprehensive Lithuanian support to Ukraine as it strengthens its defence capabilities in order to ensure independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis says. Lithuania has also provided material assistance and element of weaponry to the Armed Forces of Ukraine before.

Lithuania has been supporting Ukraine politically and providing all forms of legally permitted assistance, including military, since the beginning of the Russian aggression in 2014. The stance has the support of Lithuania’s population – 64% of respondents in a public opinion poll carried by request of the Ministry of National Defence late last year were in favour of Lithuania’s military assistance to Ukraine.

Also, Lithuania and allies assist Ukraine in its reform, training and mentoring of its Armed Forces, Lithuania provides medical care for injured Ukrainian soldiers.

Lithuania’s transfer of military assistance to Ukraine is within all applicable international agreements and conventions, and EU and national legislation. The assets donated by the Lithuanian Armed Forces can only be used by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and its subordinate institutions for ensuring national security and defence, to participate in regional and collective agreements, and other activities in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Photo credit: MoD archive

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