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Lithuanian Armed Forces to get additional stocks of Javelin anti-tank missile systems

The Defence Materiel Agency under the Ministry of National Defence signed an addition to the contract with the Government of the United States on acquisition of the Javelin mid-range anti-tank weaponry earlier this week. The complementary contract covers additional missiles, launchers, and other part s of the system, planned to be delivered in 2024. The value of the contract amounts to USD 10 million.

The anti-tank Javelin systems sold by the United States is a particularly significant boost to Lithuania’s long-term combat capabilities and deterrence. Lithuania’s defensive capabilities will be strengthened by providing the additional Javelins to Land Force units.

The Javelin medium-range anti-tank missile system is and advanced weapon capable of destroying modern, explosive reactor armour (ERA)-fitted main battle tanks in daylight and at night at a distance of 75 metres – 2.5 kilometres. The system uses “fire-and-forget” principle: when the target is locked and a missile is fired, it guides itself all the way to the target, which increases protection of the unit since it can change its location without having to wait for the missile to hit its target. The Javelin missile’s tandem warhead is capable of attacking its target straight on or from the top from an altitude of up to 150 metres and hit a tank on the most vulnerable spot, i.e. the hatch. The Javelin has a soft launch design that ignites the engine of the missile only when it is outside of its launch-tube, which does not allow to detect where the missile was launched from. The missile can also be launched from enclosed spaces in case of an urban warfare situation. (more on Javelin).

The United States is Lithuania’s strategic partner and the main ally in ensuring security in the Baltic region. It is actively involved in implementing security measures in the Baltic States, strengthening security and stability in the region. With its troops, equipment and financial resources, the United States is actively contributing to the defence of our region. Under the European Deterrence Initiative, financial support for strengthening the defence capabilities of European countries, including Lithuania, and for improving military infrastructure is consistently increased every year. The U.S. is also one of the main partners in arms procurement.

Illustrative image, MoD archive (credit: Giedrė Alkema)

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