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National Cyber Security Centre of Lithuania joins international project to strengthen Georgia’s cybersecurity capacities

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the Ministry of National Defence started a European Union Twinning project to boost Georgia’s competencies in cybersecurity cooperatively with the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria. On November 23 a corresponding agreement was signed by the NCSC and the Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria.


“We have amassed substantial experience of work on cybersecurity in Lithuania, and we will transfer our best practices to our colleagues in Georgia. Austria is the leader of this project and Lithuania is a partner, that is why it is a good format for both countries’ experts to improve in an international mission situation. Moreover, the project will contribute to the plans of developing the previously declared Regional Cyber Security Centre,” says Director NCSC Dr Rytis Rainys.


The project has been started this November and will take two years to be completed. Over that time missions of NCSC and MoD experts will be formed and delegated to Georgia to transfer experience. Two training visits for Georgian delegations have been planned too, first in Vienna, the second one – in Vilnius and Kaunas. Lithuania’s focus expertise area in the project is to assist Georgian institutions with identification, regulation and ensurement of cybersecurity in information infrastructure of critical importance, in accordance with relevant EU directives.


The total value of the project funded by the EU is roughly EUR 1.2 million, while the concrete part to be provided by Lithuania will be decided after negotiations with the Austrian partners.


Twinning is a EU instrument for institutional cooperation among EU member states and partner nations. Twinning projects connect public sector expertise of EU member and beneficiary countries in order to draw public governance of the beneficiary side closer to EU standards and to attain concrete obligatory results by mutual activities.


Recently Lithuania and Georgia has been intensifying cooperation in cybersecurity – train in joint cyber exercises, exchange experience in developing tools of cybersecurity and defence. Ministries of Defence of Lithuania and Georgia signed a Declaration of Intent in 2019 agreeing on potential Georgian participation in the Regional Cyber Security Centre in Kaunas in composition of the NCSC.

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