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NATO communications Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 2018 begins in Kaunas next week

On May 21 the annual NATO’s communications units exercise Steadfast Cobalt will begin, taking place in Kaunas (Lithuania) for the second year in a row. The exercise will involve roughly 1,000 NATO soldiers from over 44 different units from 25 NATO allies.

 “I am happy to see such a trust from the Alliance that Lithuania has earned, and the progress the Lithuanian Armed Forces have made hosting this NATO exercise in Kaunas for the second consecutive year , Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza said at Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 2018 presentation in Kaunas on May 15.

According to Vice Minister, the importance of Steadfast Cobalt to Lithuania is ensuring cooperation between the Alliance’s communications units by providing conditions and all services necessary for NATO troops training in the exercise.

“As a host nation, Lithuania has already proven it can hold an exercise of this scope, as well as it is ready to host it in the future,” Vice Minister E. Kerza assured.

Deputy Chief of Staff CIS and Cyber Defence at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Major General Wolfgang Renner emphasised that the exercise about to begin would train, test, and evaluate the deployable communication systems in support of command and Force Structure HQ for Enhanced NATO Response Force 2019 (eNRF19).

 “It is essential part of preparation for eNRF19, which is higly flexible and capable force that can move at short notice in order to rapidly respond to threats”, Maj Gen W. Renner said. According to the General, the exercise also provided an excellent opportunity to train for NATO’s largest exercise, Trident Juncture, taking place in Norway this Autumn.

Steadfast Cobalt 2018

Active phase of NATO’s defensive exercise Steadfast Cobalt will take place on May 21-June 1. This year the exercise will involve roughly 1,000 NATO soldiers from over 44 different units from 25 NATO allies. Lithuania will be presented by soldiers with the Signal Company of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf at Steadfast Cobalt 2018.

It will evaluate the ability of NATO communications units to ensure information exchange and maintain communication among combat units of the NATO Response Force, joint and component headquarters worldwide.

The exercise is held in Lithuania for the third time. In 2014 Steadfast Cobalt took place at the Division General Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School in Kaunas, last year – at Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion in Panemunė.

Protection of the exercise site and support tasks will be completed by soldiers from other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

 NATO Communication and Information Systems Group (NCIS)

NATO CIS Group is a structural unit of operational capabilities which ensures command and control of the NATO Response Force worldwide. It is a combination of cutting-edge information exchange systems and technology manned by top qualification experts and commanders.

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