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NATO eFP reinforcement from Norway arrived in Lithuania

Norway deploys to Lithuania additional strength to boost the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group at Rukla. An additional mechanized infantry platoon of 60 servicemembers with support elements arrived in Lithuania Sunday.

According to Minister of Defence Arvydas Anušauskas, strengthening the NATO eFP Lithuania is of utmost importance – allied military presence in Lithuania is the main factor of deterrence.

“The present security situation call for additional response, so the reinforcement deployment from Norway is exactly what’s needed. Strengthening our defence is a clear demonstration of our Allies’ commitment to our security,” says Minister A. Anušauskas.

So far, 140 Norwegian military personnel with Leopard 2 A4 tanks, CV 90 30 Mk IFVs and support elements served in the German-led NATO eFP deployed in Lithuania since 2017.

One regular rotation of the NATO eFP at Rukla numbers up to 1,200 allied military personnel. Currently it is strengthened with additional 350 troops deployed by Germany. The Netherlands is also adding 70 troops to the Battle Group as Russia invaded Ukraine raising tensions in the region.

“Every country that has troops in the NATO eFP Battalion Battle Group is increasing their contributions,” says Minister A. Anušauskas.

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