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Norwegian artist CYRAGON releases a new song. The music video was filmed in Vilnius.

„Sometimes the one you love is far away.
Sometimes you love someone you have never met.
Sometimes the one you love is gone for ever“

The Norwegian artist Cyragon, who lived many years in Vilnius, today released a new song, „Hey
Love“, an indie-rock ballad about longing for and missing someone. A feeling we would expect
many to have felt sometimes during this special year.

„Hey Love is a very personal song about missing a person who is far away, and wishing that the
person was here with me. But in stead I am alone, only with the strong feelings of longing. All I
wish is to hold around that person or to be near. This is probably something many have
experienced this year. And now when we are aproaching Christmas, the feeling of missing
someone one love, one would expect will be even stronger for those who are alone during the
holidays. Or as the lyrics goes on the chorus of the song „I wish you were here“.
This is the fourth song Oystein Alendal, with the artist name Cyragon, releases, all with different
themes and expressions. Like the first song, „Homeless“, „Hey Love“ also is released with a music video.

„I usually have a message with what I create. I want to convey a feeling, a story. And as a story
often is told best with sound and something visionable, I really wanted to create a video in order
to try to make the feeling of melancholy stronger, of which I am trying to convey through the song.
The feeling of being alone and missing someone“.

The lyrics and melody are written by Oystein Alendal, who also sing the song himself for the first
time. The song is produced by Liverpool based Ryan Jones, who also play the live instruments.
Mixing and mastering are done by Vitas Vaičiulis from Vilnius, Lithuania.

„As this is a very personal song, I wanted to sing it myself, and I hope the listener feels that I
mean every word I sing. Because it truly comes from my heart“.

„I am very grateful to work with such professional and skilled people as Ryan and Vitas. Ryan
always understands what I would like to convey, and he is also a magician on guitar, something
the soulful solo on the song is a testimony of. And talking about Vitas, he has won several awards
in Lithuania and is the man behind several commercial successes such as Daddy Was a Milkman
and Electronic I, and is definitely considered one of the best in the industry“.

Vitas Vaičiulis is also the man behind the music video.

„We filmed the video in Vilnius last year. I consider the city as my second home, and I am very
happy that I got the opportunity to film it there. A wonderful place where I have made many close
and dear friends, Vitas included. This song could be dedicated to them all, as I have missed them
very much this year as one has not been able to travel and meet up in person.“

As we are now in the Advent season and the Christmas bells soon will be ringing, there are
probably many who again will feel the sadness of being seperated from someone they would have liked to celebrate Christmas with.

„I sincerely hope Christmas this year will be as normal as possible for everyone, but unfortunately
there are probably many out there who can not spend time with the people they love, for various
reasons. Maybe they have lost their loved one and this is the first Christmas alone. Or maybe they miss someone who is far away. Or maybe they miss someone to share the Christmas celebration with, someone they have yet to meet. Whatever the reason, I hope that my song can be a little comforting, and for people to know that there are many out there sharing the same situation and feelings as themselves“.

At least one thing we all know, and that is the fact that good music is something that makes the
dark winter days and evenings brighter and warmer. And let us really hope Hey Love will be
played this Christmas. In the name of love. For the people we love. And for those who are no
longer here among us.

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