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Olga Wiseman about 2020 hair trends: “We’re going to be crazy about hair care”

Hair fashions come off the catwalks every year, and according to renowned hairstylist Olga Wiseman, new trends are reaching the streets much faster today thanks to the influence of social media sites and online media. Given, the expert notes that only some of the trends have a chance of catching on in Lithuania, and based on her nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty business; she says she can predict which ones Lithuanians, who tend to be subtle, are most likely to choose.

“I’ve been observing how women decide to take the plunge for many years, and Lithuanians change their hairstyles very carefully, moderately and gradually. We’re different from the Western countries in this sense. For example, in London, where I had the chance to study, I watched a colleague dye one woman’s hair green, spike it, and shave the back. I overheard that the woman had come in to freshen up before a job interview, so I went over to ask her what job it was that she could show up like that. And she answers, ‘City Hall.’ I was surprised and said that in Lithuania, it would probably be tough to get a job at a government agency with a haircut like that. She told me that if she went to the job interview with a regular hairstyle, they probably wouldn’t hire her because they would take it as meaning that she isn’t open to new things – that she’s not modern and doesn’t have any imagination…,” says Ms Wiseman, founder of Greenas Salon.

She says that in the West, hair is a means of self-expression and self-realisation, and that is why famous women change their appearance often and radically. True, there are other reasons as well in the case of celebrities…

“The attitude is that hair grows back. However, over here, naturalness and nurturing and growing hair (back) is much more on point. This is just more in line with our mentality and character, and most importantly, this trend will never go out of style: healthy, shiny hair will always be all the rage! Maybe there’s just one thing I can’t justify – copying each other. I’m positive that every woman can find the shade, length and style that is right for her. I wouldn’t advise going to the other extreme, where three friends all dye their hair the same colour and straighten it the same way. It’s better to look for something distinct, individual,” advises the expert.

From what was on the catwalks for the new season, the stylist saw five main trends that many women will try, as well as one that only the most daring will go for.

1. Healthy length

Even men these days can tell when it’s been a while since a woman has been to see her stylist. Regularly getting a trim is a must not only for aesthetics but also for hair health – if you don’t trim your hair at least once every few months, the ends will become frayed, causing split ends that will work their way up to the scalp. By not wanting to sacrifice length and putting it off, we are harming our hair, so hair care starts with scissors, and only then come products that moisturise, nourish, promote growth, and so on. Olga advises going with more natural products that don’t contain silicone or parabens, since these treat hair. At the same time, synthetic cosmetics usually have a one-day effect, eventually wearing the hair out. “The entire world is becoming crazy about naturalness and sustainability. Today, healthy, groomed hair is as requisite as a neat manicure.”

2. Anti-hairstyles

Looking like you got up this morning and didn’t do anything will continue to be popular. However, the unfinished look, when hair seems to be tied any old way or cascades down in a nice mess, actually requires considerable effort and special styling tools. Olga Wiseman says that fashion is becoming a lot simpler because women no longer have time in the morning or before parties. “The days of sleeping with rollers and spending five hours at the beauty salon before every party are long gone. If your hair is healthy and you have a good cut, sometimes it’s enough to form a single curl or add an accessory, or to use a little product to give your hair some body and lift, and you’re good to go. These days, daytime and evening hairstyles aren’t as drastically different as they used to be. So women are choosing haircuts that are easy to style, both on a daily basis and for special occasions,” she said.

3. Waves

Last year, we were adding waves or curls to the bottom half of our hair or just the ends. This year, the waves are going up to the roots and creating structure, shape and volume for the hair. We’ll be seeing waves in different diameters and different ways of forming them. True, different types will suit different women, and when adding waves over the entire length, you have to keep in mind that huge curls can widen the face or make the head look disproportionately large. Sometimes you don’t have to curl the entire head of hair – just part. Also, long bangs, which will be the big thing this season, will also get waves and curls! “We have over 30 styling tools at the salon for creating waves. It’s unlikely that anyone has that many at home. So it’s worth coming in at least once and consulting with a stylist on how to curl your hair this season. In any case, what will be in fashion and work for everyone are natural waves,” says Greenas’s creative director.

4. Boho

According to the expert, Lithuanians should like the boho style. Since autumn, structured cuts have given way to texturising, cascades and torn ends. Bangs are a must with this style, and they should also be soft and texturised, and preferably on the long side. Hair texture will be necessary, so everyone should find the right products for their hair to create lift and volume. “The cosmetics that are made today make it easy to get a variety of textures and effects, and for it to look natural as well. You just need to look for the right one for your hair. It’s also important to note that we’ll be giving up the round brush for drying this year, and precision blow-outs and straightening won’t be in fashion,” said the stylist.

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