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Planting saplings is meaningful and fun! Allegorical plantings are gaining traction.

It is said that a person has spent their life meaningfully if they’ve raised a child, built a home and planted a tree. A lot of us are going to raise many children and build many houses, but can we all proudly say that we’ve planted trees? In the olden days, trees in Lithuania were planted to commemorate the birth or baptism of a child or other important occasions.

A message to future generations

The unique initiative called „Centuries-old Woods“ was born a few years ago. Thousands of people in and even beyond Lithuania have already participated in the plantings. The locations of the plantings are each marked on the interactive map with a symbol of the initiative. Having clicked on one of these symbols, you can see a unique photo taken during the specific planting, which becomes like a virtual postcard for future generations.

The first „Rock Grove“ in Lithuania

In the summer, during the „Rokmergė“ fest, the very first „Rock Grove“ in Lithuania was born, where famous Lithuanian musicians and their friends each planted their own little saplings. Now Raminta Naujanytė – Bjelle, leader of the group „BIX“ Saulius Urbonavičius – Samas, Tomas Krivickas, member of „Makchu Pikchu“ Gediminas Andriškevičius and many others share names with their own little trees. The tree has been the symbol of life and eternity for a very long time, and that is the reason even Lithuanian celebrities were invited to plant saplings.

An open initiative – anyone can join

„Continuing the work of the previous years, in the springtime we’ve begun planting saplings in one of Vilnius’s parks, during the „Decathlon family weekend“ fest. It was very fun and heartwarming seeing families with their toddlers carefully planting tiny fragile saplings. Last year we’ve planted the allegorical „Hawk Road“ alley of trees near one of the command posts-bunkers, so this year, continuing the tradition, we’ve begun planting the „Freedom Fighter Alley“ near the homestead of the legendary Forest Brother J. Jakavonis – Tigras (Tiger). We are always thankful for active people and are open to initiatives. Together we can enjoy the gorgeous allegorical plantings of trees, groves, woods or alleys. We are already planning the next ones and are very thankful to each and every kind person who helps,“ the authors of the initiative share happily.

Lithuania, as if a forest of perpetuity

„For centuries, forests withstand the strongest of storms and continue to grow. And even though lone trees fall, the woods thrive. Lithuania is like those woods, for centuries having had to survive so many storms, and yet having withstood them thanks to the Lithuanian people and their unity. Together, we are capable of conquering the grandest of tasks. Together, we are capable of anything! Because we are the forests, because in our hands lies Lithuania!“ is announced on the webpage of „Centuries-old Woods“.

Saplings are being planted in the spring, summer and fall

The allegorical planting of saplings always remains relevant. The idea of „Centuries-old Woods“ encourages good work, unity and inspires the people and communities that have not turned away from their futures. The main plantings usually happen in spring or fall. Now that fall has arrived, coniferous trees are planted when the buds have formed and the stems have turned to wood, and deciduous trees are planted when their leaves start to fall.

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