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R. Naujanytė – Bjelle’s song „Brolužis“ conquered the hearts of listeners

We all remember the song „Brolužis“, performed by Raminta Naujanytė-Bjelle in „Lithuania’s Got Talent 2010“, which has moved the souls of every listener and left no one indifferent. The song itself, however, came much earlier than that, thanks to a patriotic song contest. But as it rang on the stage, in front of millions of people, it took on a new meaning and remained in the hearts of both the youth and the older generations for a long time.

„Žalvarinis“ and songs of Lithuanian freedom fighters at international rock festivals The founder of the group „Žalvarinis“ Robertas Semeniukas says about himself: “I am a Lithuanian patriot, I love the folk music of my own country, as well as that of the whole world. For me, as a musician, partisan songs are very touching, they are interwoven with history and melody; people fought for us, shed blood.”

When asked what song from the band „Žalvarinis“ best reflects the spirit of freedom struggles, Robertas answered without hesitation – „O, kai saulutė tekėjo.“

„It’s one of the first songs I learned, and began adapting after many years. We’ve now created a new arrangement. This particular song is also stuck in my memory because we would exchange songs with musicians from other countries at international rock festivals, and „O kai saulutė tekėjo“ was the song that we, the Lithuanians, would sing.“

Lithuanian a cappella competition Recently, the Lithuanian a cappella Competition “Kapelmaušis” took place, and this year the festival was dedicated to the Lithuanian Year of Independence. It was this very theme that thus dictated the repertoire. Each of the groups performed songs of their own land’s struggle for Independence. The festivities were crowned with songs of freedom performed by the National Opera singer Liudas Mikalauskas.

And what does the topic of freedom fighting mean to each of us individually? „I am very glad to see the topic of freedom fighting attracting bigger and bigger audiences and wish that it would find an important place in our consciousness, families and the education of our children not only in 2019, but in the future as well, so that the lives which our freedom fighters so selflessly gave up in exchange for our future would keep becoming more meaningful by day,“ says curator and producer of partisan initiatives Alkas Paltarokas.

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