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Record of Gabrielė Pioraitė in the Atlantic inspired Lithuanian kite surfers

Kitesurfing professional Gabrielė Pioraitė continues to surprise with the new challenges. She is preparing for Cape Town (South Africa) again, where in January she made a kitesurfing jump of 23.6 meters and broke the world record for the highest female jump by 50 centimeters.

This year Gabrielė is going not alone to the ‘mecca’ of kite surfers by the Atlantic Ocean. Her enthusiasm and achievements have inspired more kitesurfing professionals and enthusiasts from Lithuania. This year a team of thirty Lithuanians is preparing to go to Cape Town.

We spoke with Gabrielė about this kitesurfing season for professionals and enthusiasts, also what athletes admire in Cape Town.

This summer surprised with long-lasting heat. How was the summer for kite surfers?

In fact, kite surfers are not happy with the weather which usually is ideal for resting near the water. All summer long we were waiting for more extreme weather conditions, stronger wind, bigger waves. Strong wind helps to achieve better results. Such whether conditions came at the end of July. I broke my previous record and make a kitesurfing jump of 1 meters in the Baltic sea.

Gspot Kiteboarding school has started in Svencelė this year, are you happy with this project?

When the idea of ​​a project comes out from the needs of the people, not only from the enthusiasm of the author, it always succeeds (smiles). Such area for active leisure and gathering new experiences, which would be open and welcoming not only to the professionals of this sport, but to the beginners as well, was necessary for the people and really paid off. We had a lot of great events, camps and new people coming, who want to do sports and spend their free time actively and this trend is very gratifying.

During the winter season, kite surfers travel abroad. Where have you been and what is your direction this year?

I spent the first two winters kitesurfing in Asia, later three years in a row I went to Cape Town in South Africa. This year I am again choosing Cape Town, because only there I can find the most suitable conditions for the extreme discipline of Big Air. The kitesurfing conditions in Cape Town are excellent, the nature is truly enchanting, here are the strongest winds in the world, the huge waves and seals swimming with you – an indelible impression. And delicious food about which rather I will not speak (laughs)…

You have discovered a really great place…

Thus, I am sharing this experience with other Lithuanians. During this winter season, thirty Lithuanians are planning a trip to Cape Town. We will try together the conditions in the Atlantic Ocean.

This year you are one of the nominees for the Lithuanian Yachting Awards 2021, is it important to be evaluated?

On Saturday, I will participate in the event of Lithuanian Yachting Awards 2021, organized by the Lithuanian Yachting Union. I am a nominee for theBest Lithuanian Female Sailor of the Year together with Olympians Viktorija Andrulytė ir Gintarė Volungevičiūtė-Scheidt. I admit, I am very happy to be one of the nominees! It is an evident, that kite surfing, which seeks to become an Olympian sport, is gaining a serious position in Lithuania as well, and the achievements of our athletes are visible and appreciated.

What are your plans for the next year?

Since 1st of May, I will move to my second home in Svencelė where I will wait for everyone who wants to learn kitesurfing. I hope to have a lot of windy days and organize much more kitesurfing camps!

There are thousands of kitesurfing women in the world who are constantly competing for the results and the competition is constantly growing. G. Pioraitė’s achievements prove that it is realistic for the women as well to achieve amazing results in this worldwide popular extreme water sport. Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee have approved Men’s and Women’s kitesurfing (Formula Kite) for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.











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