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Short, yet films: Vilnius International short film festival

During the calmest month of the year, culture currently resident in virtuality will return to home screens once more. Vilnius International Short Film Festival taking place from 14th to 19th January, will be one of the first cultural events of 2021 and will begin the Lithuanian film events cycle. Viewers cosy, comfortable and safe on their sofas will be offered 14 programmes by the festival for a variety of tastes – film lovers longing for good short stories will be able to see the newest and most relevant short films from Lithuania and beyond on VOD platforms.

More than 40 films will compete in two national and six international competition programmes. In them, an invitation is extended for a confrontation with oneself, the search for meaning of life or love is considered, and in some films, it is promised the viewers will experience a faster heart-beat. The festival has prepared intriguing special programmes for its viewers: for the first time a light erotic programme is included, retrospectives’s lovers will be delighted by the film director’s and actor’s Janina Lapinskaitė’s short films. A significant place at the festival will be taken by animation, which this year has two programmes devoted to it – for adults a selection of still somewhat unusual animated documentary genre films and for children a dedicated animated programme. The most resilient film lovers will be once again tested by the traditional Film Night – with 5 hours of good short films.

All of the 14th Vilnius International Short Film Festival films will be available on Žmonės Cinema and Telia VOD platforms.

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