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Soon Sakuras will be blooming in Lithuania. Why did Lithuanians started to like these trees

Although the weather in spring is changeable in Lithuania, the natural cycle is moving in its own way and we will soon see blooming Sakuras – Japanese cherry trees. In different parts of the world, these trees bloom at different times, depending on natural conditions. Sakura blooming festival – „Hanami“ – has a deep tradition in Japan and is especially popular. Over time, Sakura parks became popular in European and U.S. cities.

Ambasadorius Shiro Yamasaki

“I am glad that so many Sakura trees have been planted in many parts of Lithuania, which are making people happy once they are blooming. I wish everyone to enjoy the spring, admire the Sakura that will bloom very soon and I invite you to participate in the Sakura photography competition organized by our embassy,“ – Shiro Yamasaki, Japanese Ambassador to Lithuania invites to enjoy the Sakura.

Photo competition „Sakura in Lithuania“

The Embassy of Japan has announced a photo competition „Sakura in Lithuania“.  “In 2021, we commemorate the 30th anniversary of friendly relations between Japan and Lithuania. During this period, Sakura trees symbolizing Japan were planted in various parts of Lithuania, strengthening the friendship between the two countries. Every day in Lithuania spring feels more and more  and Sakura will bloom very soon, ”- is written in the invitation to the competition. The conditions of the competition can be found at:

Sakura is a symbol of temporality and a new beginning

„If it is beautiful, pleasing and refreshing to the eyes of us, Europeans, it is more of a spiritual experience for the Japanese. After all, Sakura blossoms are a symbol of ephemerality of temporary human existence on the Earth. Nature and trees have a special place in the Japanese Shinto religion. The Sakura blossom is one of the most important symbols of Japan, ”- notes Erika Stankvečiūtė, a well-known businesswoman and expert in Japanese preventive medicine.

Sakura is a „fashionable“ tree and has deep traditions

Alkas Paltarokas

Especially during these five years, a number of Sakura gardens, alleys and parks have been planted in Lithuania. Sakura – Japanese cherry can be boldly called one of the „most fashionable“ tree, which delights people of different nationalities around the world. Taking photos with bright sakura flowers has become a peculiar spring tradition in Lithuania as well. “Trees are loved and respected in many cultures. Nature has always been important to us in Lithuania and we are proud of our green country. We are especially rich in forests, flora, variety of trees and deep traditions in folklore. Trees are significant in the formation of the urban landscape. Sakura – Japanese cherry parks have aesthetic, decorative and, of course, symbolic importance. These trees popularize Japanese tradition and a deep approach to nature. Therefore, it is natural that Lithuanians loved Sakura, and fosterers of Japanese culture and organizers of beautiful initiatives promote friendship, cultural exchange and cooperation between the two countries. Alleys, gardens, parks decorate public and private spaces, ” – says Alkas Paltarokas, the head of the communications company.

Sakura parks, alleys and gardens in Lithuania:

In Vilnius –  in the Vingis branch of the Vilnius University Botanical Garden, in the Chiune Sugihara Sakura Park near the White Bridge, near the Mykolas Romeris University.

In Kaunas – on the Nemunas island, near Chiune Sugihara House Museum in J. Tumo-Vaižganto Street.

In Klaipeda – on the bank of the river Dane.

In Šiauliai – in the Song Park.

In Kretinga district – in the Japanese garden.

In Alytus – Sakurų alley, Žalioja street.

In Druskininkai – Vijūnėlė Park.

In Kalvarija – Sakura park near the gymnasium.

Skuode- Sakura Park.

Pakruojis – city park, Sakura garden.

In Šilalė – in the alley near the hospital district.

In Raseiniai – in Maironis Park.

In Kėdainiai – Memory Square.

In Elektrėnai – in the Youth Sakura Park.


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