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Successfull start for Lithuanian meat exporters in world’s largest food exhibition

Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages, breaks new grounds for the developments of the entire industry.

It is the most important industry meeting point as the figures of 2017 once again impressively demonstrate: With 7,405 exhibitors and about 165,000 visitors, Anuga Cologne is clearly the number one food fair!

„ANUGA is the key food networking and development exhibition in the world. Met with partners from all continents and exotic countries of the world. Demand is big and everyone knows Lithuania. We are exhilarated by the partners that we met and continuous business relationship“ says Adrian Scerban, CEO of Baltic Foods.

BALTIC FOODS is a frozen meat wholesale company located in Vilnius, Lithuania, which distribute frozen meat to various clients in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Their export department also exports frozen meat to various European countries not only from Lithuania, but from other countries as well. Supply network consists of many suppliers from small to big companies in all European corners.

Since 2008 they have grown to over 200 customers in the Baltic region alone. Dedication, work ethic and flexibility allowed to grow and earn trust of customers big and small. BALTIC FOODS has been growing annually since its inception and is expecting this trend to continue.

Laurynas Zimblys, director of commerce at Baltic Foods is excited about the opportunities Anuga offers. „World’s giants and representatives of family businesses. From delicacies to innovation of mass production. Meat is a main strategic food product in the world and we are excited to be a part of it“.

International trade is key to successful growth of Lithuanian economy. Baltic Foods is one of the key players in domestic and international meat market. The outlook of demand and opportunities give positive reassurance and optimisim for the coming years.

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