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The President: a clear EU plan for climate neutral economy is needed

President Gitanas Nausėda took part in the video conference organized by President of the European Council Charles Michel in preparation for the Council meeting. The Czech, Danish and Bulgarian leaders also participated in this video conference aimed to properly prepare for the Council meeting in Brussels on 10-11 December.

The President consulted with the EU leaders about the solutions aimed at tackling climate change. The President reiterated Lithuania’s commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and achieve interim targets by 2030 by cutting the emissions by 55 percent.

In the President’s view, a clear action plan, approved burden-sharing criteria and adequate investment in line with national needs is needed to achieve those goals. The President also noted that it was important to agree on the border pollution tax on imports of products where EU environmental and nuclear safety requirements were not observed in the production to ensure fair competition in the EU market.

The President emphasized that electricity generated by unsafe power plants that failed to comply with environmental and nuclear safety requirements must not enter the EU market.

Gitanas Nausėda and EU leaders discussed EU measures to fight the spread of the pandemic, testing and vaccination strategies, the resilience of health systems as well as the strengthening of EU international cooperation.

The Lithuanian, Czech, Danish and Bulgarian leaders also shared their views on the EU’s relations with the United States. The President called for a closer dialogue with the new US administration in building transatlantic ties between the EU and the US.

On Belarus, the President emphasized the need to continue measures against the regime and implement the decisions taken on the introduction of new EU sanctions by the end of the year as human rights violations continued.

The leaders also discussed the Union’s relations with Turkey and the situation in the southern neighborhood of the EU.

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