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The President: Military support for Ukraine is needed immediately

Tuesday, President Gitanas Nausėda is visiting Poland on a working visit. The Lithuanian President met with the Presidents of Poland and Latvia and the Foreign Minister of Estonia to discuss stopping the war in Ukraine, expanding support to Ukraine and strengthening the eastern flank of NATO.

At the meeting with regional partners, the Lithuanian President said that Russia’s war in Ukraine would have lasting consequences for the security situation and architecture in the region. Gitanas Nausėda underscored the need to review NATO’s existing defense plans in the light of increased Russian threat, to further boost allied forces in the region and to ensure a shift from deterrence to forward defense.

The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland and the Foreign Minister of Estonia focused on support for Ukraine. Gitanas Nausėda underlined that military assistance to Ukraine was the key at this moment. According to the Lithuanian President, it had to be provided immediately as time was a decisive factor. He pointed out that the Baltic States and Poland understood best what it meant to live next door to an aggressor and therefore had to take the lead in mobilizing support for Ukraine.

Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Polish regional partners also addressed energy independence. Gitanas Nausėda said that European countries had a unique opportunity to move away from energy dependence on Russia and should launch energy transformation without delay.

“It would be simply inhumane to continue buying Russian oil and gas when we know that the Kremlin is using this money to finance the killings in Ukraine. This is not a question of saving the economy, it is a question of saving lives. By diversifying our energy supplies, we will no longer be energy hostages to the Kremlin regime, we will have a safer and more reliable energy system, and we will help Ukraine to stop the aggressor,” the President said.

The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland and the Foreign Minister of Estonia agreed to continue to advocate strongly for Ukraine’s rapid accession to the European Union and to urge EU institutions to speed up the bureaucratic procedures for granting candidate status to Ukraine.

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