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The President: visit by U.S. warship demonstrates Allies’ commitment to our security

On Tuesday, President Gitanas Nausėda visited “USS Gravely”, the U.S. military ship that has arrived for a scheduled port visit to Klaipėda.

The President underlined that the presence of the U.S. guided-missile destroyer was a demonstration of the leadership and determination of the United States to ensure security in the Baltic region. The President thanked the Allies for their solidarity and readiness to act together in the face of drastic changes in the security situation on NATO’s eastern border.

“In the Baltic states, more than anywhere else, we have felt and continue to feel the threat not only to our countries, but also to the entire free world. The Baltic Sea is an important area of military mobility, and maintaining the freedom of movement by way of allied military dominance is essential,” the President said.

The Russian war in Ukraine has shown the importance of Allies’ unity and their commitment to act promptly. The President pointed out that only determination backed by capacities can stop aggression.

“We rely on U.S. leadership and long-term solutions through its permanent presence in the Baltics. Enhancing military security in the maritime domain is as important as on land or in the air,” the President said.

By investing in its naval fleet, Lithuania steps up its contribution to increasing security in the Baltic Sea, as well as to securing and enhancing surveillance, the President added. With Sweden and Finland joining NATO, the strategic importance of the Baltic Sea for the Alliance will grow even further.

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