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“The Snow Queen” brings Christmas mood to Vilnius Airport

With only weeks to go until the holidays, Vilnius Airport offers more than just the traditional Christmas tree to get you into holiday mood: this year, visitors will also be met with a unique art project “The Snow Queen” in an impressive knitted dress. This project by Lithuanian designer Milda Bordeaux is a gift to Lithuania to celebrate the upcoming centenary of the Restoration of the State as well as a message to the world about our country’s culture and history.

Director of Vilnius Airport Olaf Martens says that the artwork, which will be displayed together with the main Christmas tree of the airport, is not the first that Lithuanian artists have created for the enjoyment of travellers.

“We are open to many initiatives by the new generation of Lithuanian artists whose artworks have become an inseparable part of the interior. Travellers can find an exhibition of drone photography showing Lithuanian sights and see the works of photographer Algis Kriščiūnas in the restaurant “Pankolis”; before, travellers had a chance to enjoy an installation interpreting the National Anthem of Lithuania. And now it’s time to welcome this splendid vision of the symbol of winter – “The Snow Queen” and her dress,” said Martens.

With its enchanting beauty and elegance, the Snow Queen’s dress is not only an attribute of the approaching holidays, but also Bordeaux’s contribution to the upcoming centenary of the beginning of modern Lithuania.  “I want to tell the world just how much Lithuania has that’s interesting and undiscovered, and that art is incredibly important to us as it reflects our culture and thought. Knitting is very well‑known in Lithuania, it has been here since ancient times: archaeological findings of thousand‑year‑old knitted objects are evidence of this. Now, knitting has a chance to become modern,” says the artist.

Bordeaux took two months to complete the dress project. To create it, the artist used a symbolic amount of material: 100 meters of luxurious mohair and silk thread for every year in the life of modern Lithuania, which makes as much as 10 km of thread; all that with 90.66 meters of tulle. The length of 90.66 meters is a symbolic representation of the length of Lithuania’s coastline in kilometres.

“Bordeaux’s knitted fairy tale is proof that when they’re brought to life, beautiful and heart‑warming ideas can transfer good emotions to everyone around us. Christmas time is a time of magic, mystery, and warmth, and we hope the meeting with the Snow Queen will only strengthen the wonderful holiday mood for travellers,” said Martens.

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