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The talented artist Inga Rebrova combines fashion with painting

“My family would often relocate until we ended up by the Baltic Sea where I grew up. My fondest childhood memories are about the times I spent with my grandmother on the Karklė beach. The grandmother worked as a seamstress; I really liked watching her play with different fabrics. In childhood, like most girls I liked playing with Barbie dolls that were the most popular dolls at the time. I sewed fancy clothes for them. In Palanga Town, I attended an art school and participated in various competitions, often winning them. Dance and music were also part of my life since childhood,” the young artist said.

Beginning of a Creative Life: From Music to Fashion Design

Inga Rebrova graduated from the Mykalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis Art High School and later attended the Justinas Vienozinskis Art School in Vilnius. Rebrova talks about her path to fashion design: “In Grade 10, I realized that I want to study Jazz Vocal Performance at the Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa Conservatory in Vilnius. I succeeded. In six months, I completed my music classes. After completing the music part of my path, I felt restless again, so I decided to enroll in the Art Academy in Vilnius. The most difficult part was deciding what I want to study—my choice lay between costume design and painting. I chose costume design and appeared third on the admissions list. Here, I want to share my favorite fashion saying, “Fashions says ‘Me, too;’ style says ‘Only Me.’ I am happy to touch upon many types of art.”

India: Colors and Metamorphoses of the East

 “After the Art Academy I soon started working with boutiques, the shops that sell expensive, tailor-made clothes and accessories. I dived deep into commerce, because I wanted my ideas to become real. And I had many of them! I presented a few collections in Lithuania.”


“One day a roommate, who just returned from India, asked me if I would like to fly to a fashion week in India. As I am telling you this, a Buddhist saying is buzzing around in my head, ‘What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.’ The wide world opened up to me, and I truly wanted to get to know it. I was always interested in people from other cultures, in their customs and cities,” Rebrova continues her story.

In the distant India, Rebrova became fascinated by Eastern colors, especially those she saw in silk: “I saw the colorful authentic fashion kitchen of the East from up close; I met Indian fashion designers and photographers; I saw them create and develop their ideas, which is invaluable in terms of experience.”

A Champagne Flute from Leonard DiCaprio Himself

The artist divulged more of her thoughts and experiences: “I am fascinated by Europe as well. I visited the south of France that impressed me by its grace and elegance. There, I met a lot of interesting, accomplished people who inspired me to keep creating. After one of the International Cannes Film Festivals I had a chance to attend a function where Leonardo DiCaprio was present. What could be more fun than having DiCaprio fill your champagne flute? (Laughing) This year I am going to the famous festival again. After all, it is a triumph of creativity and fashion. Everyone gets to stand on the red carpet. There is a big chance of my meeting my old friends from all over the world.”

Thrice Every Half-Year on the Deli Artist “Island”

New Deli has a wonderful bohemian district called “Hauz Khas Village” that houses many art studios, boutiques, and creative people from the entire globe. It is protected as if it were a separate island; it is a little world with its own artistic soul in an Indian metropolis. Inga Rebrova lived and worked there, seeking inspiration and experience: “Upon my return to Lithuania, I remembered my brushes and started painting the days and nights I had lived through in India. I painted everything: what I had seen, smelled, and heard. Now painting is as important to me as design. In my world, fashion and art go in lockstep. What I once painted on silk, I now paint on canvas. I use oil paint lightly, like in watercolors. For this purpose, I studied the technique of Indian painting. Colors red, black, white, and gold came from there. The path toward artistic expression and maturity is complex; it is a constant search for an authentic self.”

Grace of Fashion and Painting

The canvas of this talented artist is full of sketches with fashion models and graceful abstractions, which is a unique way to combine painting with other artistic ideas. “If you asked me which personalities have impressed me most, I would say that without doubt it would be Rick Owens and Coco Chanel. (Smiling) The entire world offers so much inspiration, and now it is time for me to blossom as well, the way Sakura trees do in the spring. Spring is the best time for my art,” Rebrova concludes.

Beauty and fashion representatives from around the globe admire the contemporary and original work of the artist Rebrova. In May, Rebrova plans to open a unique exhibition in one of the most fashionable spaces in the Old City of Vilnius.

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