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Three steps, let’s do it together

What could be more immediate and difficult for misinterpretation of an image?

Probably nothing, because the image’s visual impact is much more strong than that of millions’ words. Sometimes indeed internalize the content of books and paperwork becomes a hard mission, almost impossible for some, while a fragment of reality stored in a picture may remain in our minds forever.

Photography as art is able to arouse deep emotions and it can tell just with a shoot a unique stories. The quality of photography has changed over time and the technologies as became more and more refined allowing us to get in our hands an high-performance object both from the point of view of the quality of the image in one hand and from the more artistic perspective referring to corrections and effects in the other.

Therefore, yesterday I’ve allotted my time to better known the work of Ričardas Dailidė, a renowned Lithuanian photographer. Ričardas despite the scientific and technical studies, attending the faculty of medicine in Leningrad he has always cultivated this innate passion for the arts. In conjunction with his career he has maintained a close relationship with the arts, first music and then his other great interest and passion: photography. In 1973 he became a member of the Lithuanian Art Photographers Association and from 2009 he was appointed member of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers’ Board. The author has successfully brought his works around the world also giving major international prestige to the union of Lithuanian photographers able to produce a great reporter.

Currently a thematic exhibition of this author is held in Vilnius at the headquarters of the association “Žinija”. This organization is responsible since more than half a century for the promotion and the spreading of awareness among the population at all levels of education to help in the formation of individual independent and free training. In fact, the main objective is to fight against the social exclusion of certain categories borderline and thus at risk. This organization is also responsible for disseminating knowledge through several tools such as exhibitions, conferences, and seminar series on issues of high importance and of great actuality, as well as concerts and performances.

Nowadays, since the 1st of October and till December, the Great Hall of the Žinija’ venue is hosting an exhibition dedicated to three cycles of photographs of our author. The exhibition is called “Trys žingsniai” meaning three steps in English. The exposition takes its name from the three cycles of photographs taken at separate times and places that are shown, in one side and in the other because they constitute three very important steps in human and professional life of the artist.

 „Skrydis į Nemirtingumą“, „Gyvenimas džiaze“, „Su cenzūros ženklu“; that means respectively flight to immortality, life in Jazz and the censorship’s mark, are the names of the steps you are going to do in the company of this photographer let him show you all the path. 

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