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Time for manor to fill – The golden evenings of Burbiškis manor

The time of making the manors full – this is how we could name this summer season. Manors all around Lithuania are the witnesses of our colorful history. Some of them are fully restored and gratify lots of visitors from Lithuania as well as other parts of world. Each of them is unique in its own way and has its special atmosphere along with the cultural heritage. 

One of the summer discoveries is the Burbiškis manor, located in Anykščiai region, which is reborn for a new life. This carefully maintained architectural monument along with gardens and cozy surroundings now has a subtle touch of Italian art and food culture.

„First of all, manor is the place where every guest has to feel like it’s his real home. Now, the manor is taken care of by my family  and guests can enjoy the enlarged collection of Italian antiques and new Italian cuisine which has three „Michelin“ stars“ – a famous former model Orinta Eivaitė – Hoang who got back from Italy was glad.

Last weekend, new hosts have presented the manor to the Lithuanian elite from culture, art, fashion, business and sports worlds. There were outstanding performances by opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas and singer Agnė Sabulytė.

„With no doubt, I felt like I’m experiencing a real aristocratic evening, where architecture, guests, music and unique cuisine converged into one, creating an unforgettable fairytale. I’ve been to various events both in Lithuania and abroad and I clearly see that there has been a lot of work put into this one, I can boldly say – this is one of the best events that I have attended.“ – joyfully said Birutė Vizgirda.

The tasteful public was nicely surprised by Maxime Pierlot, „A. Bergere“ representative, who came all the way from France especially for this event.

Masterpieces in the kitchen were prepared by Italian chef  Matteo Covacc.

Guests were very interested in the history of the manor where each room and hall has its own unique style and story.

Special guests have arrived from Italy, France, Great Britain and other countries to congratulate the new hosts of the manor.

The ambassador of Japan to Lithuania Shiro Yamasaki and his wife Yuko Yamasaki came exclusively to this event.

They were invited to the tea ceremony in the historical tea hall, as well as planted a tree together with the hosts in the manor’s park, which symbolizes the friendship and prosperity of the nations.

„I was mesmerized by the rose garden and unique architecture and was really surprised seeing those beautifully restored historical rooms along with carefully preserved details. It felt like I got into some harmonious space where everything fits so perfectly. In this magical place, you can get to know to interesting people as well as refined Lithuanian heritage. I’ll have to tell my friends from Japan that it’s really worth to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get to know the manor culture of Lithuania. “ –Yuko Yamasaki was sharing her experience.

A lot of events are held in Burbiškis manor, both personal and professional. „Burbiškis manor“ – is a dream that you get into as soon as you open he door and you really don’t want it to end. A beautiful song is living in the chest and flying through the hallways of the manor that keep a lot of stories. This manor is a great home for unique intellectual salon evenings with music, poetry, painting, amazing food and other gourmet pleasures.“ – said singer Agnė Sabulytė.

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