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Together strong for 18 years: Lithuania marks NATO membership anniversary

Lithuania has attained its majority as a NATO member. Having entered NATO on 29 March 2004, Lithuania now has been a part of the strongest defensive Alliance in the world for 18 years. The anniversary will be celebrated with a musical concert at Lukiškės Square on March 29.

According to Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas, it is a special NATO membership anniversary this year. The Allies have deployed thousands of additional troops in the eastern flank of the Alliance since Russia started the war on Ukraine, it is a demonstration of the steadfast NATO commitment to collective defence.

“Lithuania’s NATO membership has even more meaning today. The Russian war on Ukraine fundamentally changes many things, we are made to see the price of security, freedom of choice and liberty in general. Today NATO Allies are united and stand together more than before as we all aim to assist Ukraine,” says A. Anušauskas.

NATO is the most successful defensive alliance in history, it combines prosperity, security and freedom guarantees in Europe and North America. NATO firmly stands behind the common purpose, to prevent conflict and to ensure peace and freedom for the people in the Alliance. Allies are committed to each other: any attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.

NATO mission is to ensure the security of the 30 Allies. NATO allied troops deployed in Lithuania act in concert with Lithuanian forces to protect and defend each inch of the Allied territory.

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