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U.S. Embassy delivers aid to help Lithuanian authorities fight COVID-19 pandemic

The U.S. Embassy in Lithuania is pleased to announce that the Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation on Tuesday delivered medical supplies to Lithuanian authorities that will be used to assist efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
The equipment includes approximately 3,800 surgical and respirator masks; 15,700 gloves; 150 packages of disinfecting wipes; 400 liters of hand and surface disinfectant; and 200 disinfectant spray containers.  The $15,000 donation was procured through U.S. European Command’s Humanitarian Assistance Program, which makes available non-lethal excess property, including medical equipment and supplies, for donation to foreign allies and partners in times of crisis.
„Strong partnerships are vital during these turbulent events,“ said U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania Robert S. Gilchrist. „I want to thank my U.S. military colleagues for making this donation possible. Our relationship with our Lithuanian Allies is especially important as we face this extraordinary threat to our shared security and wellbeing.  Against all adversaries, we are stronger together.”
The Embassy also donated the 3D printer and filament from its American Center to assist in the Robotikos Mokykla project to print protective masks for medical workers.
„We are grateful for the efforts of the Lithuanian government and everyone working on the front lines of this crisis,“ added the ambassador. „Meanwhile, we must not forget that the success of this fight depends on every citizen, so it is vital that we all stay home, unless absolutely necessary.”
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