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Ukraine’s fight is our fight, says Minister A. Anušauskas in Kyiv

“Lithuania will support Ukraine by every means possible in the face of the continually increased Russian pressure,” said Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas who conducted a formal visit to Kyiv Wednesday to discuss the Russian pressure with Oleksiy Reznikov, the new Defence Minister of Ukraine. According to A. Anušauskas, if the Russian aggression is not contained now, Russia will not stop at anything.

“We will increase our assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine significantly by expanding the national training mission and deploying military personnel to training and exercises. We will be building Ukraine’s resilience to cyber-attacks and rendering material assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by donating bulletproof vests, thermovisors, anti-drone equipment,” said Minister A. Anušauskas.

Having expressed support to Ukraine in the face of a military threat, A. Anušauskas discussed Lithuania’s plans of further assistance to Ukraine, the possibilities to strengthen the trilateral Lithuania, Polish and Ukrainian Brigade in Lublin, Ukraine’s relations with the European Union, NATO and the U.S., at his first meeting with O. Reznikov.

“As Russia is conducting the unusual massing of military capabilities near the borders of Ukraine, countries are faced with a serious military threat. Ukraine’s fight is our fight. We understand, Putin seeks to change Ukraine’s path of choice in the Euro-Atlantic political direction, and to have the country as his sphere of authority. The Western political unity and practical assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine now is critical,” underscored A. Anušauskas.

Minister also met with Lithuanian military personnel serving in Ukraine, signed a trilateral cybersecurity cooperation agreement between Lithuania, Georgia and Ukraine, and handed over a part of Lithuania’s military aid – 490 bulletproof vests and tactical belts dedicated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a non-reimbursable basis by the Lithuanian Government Resolution back in October.

Material assistance to Ukraine is a part of the consistent and comprehensive Lithuania’s support to help the country ensure its defensive capabilities and sovereignty of the state. Lithuania handed over elements of weaponry and ammunition to Ukraine earlier, while the material support rendered in 2014-2021 amounts to EUR 6 million.

“Lithuania will continue being an active Ukraine’s supporter on its Euro-Atlantic integration route. We will continue forging the consensus regarding the establishment of the EU military mission and we will be stepping up the bilateral assistance in order to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The country is sin need of a quick help because it is conceivable that Putin is going to exploit the current situation. I have faith that together we will make it through this difficult moment in history because our goal is clear and it is a sovereign free and stable Ukraine,” said Minister A. Anušauskas.

Lithuania and Ukraine marks the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic relations this year. Lithuania has been a staunch support of Ukraine’s independence and territorial since the start of the Russian military aggression in 2014, and has been providing every legal form of assistance, including military, also, military training and education, joint exercises, and medical treatment and rehabilitation of injured servicemembers, ever since.

Photo credits: MoD

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