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Unique “Stikliai” Tavern offers the menu filled with traditional Lithuanian cuisine chef-d’oeuvres

“Stikliai” presents exclusive menu of the new tavern located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town with luxuriously renovated outdoor terrace. “We tried to decorate the environment with cozy greenery and create a garden atmosphere – we carefully selected the plants from our farm in Dubingiai. Guests can feel at home here. We grow flowers and trees ourselves. Please come and enjoy” – Romas Zakarevičius, co-owner of Stikliai, says invitingly.

“Stikliai” tavern is a place where you can enjoy the best dishes of traditional local cuisine, taste the national heritage and interwar Lithuanian cuisine. When the old tradition speaks the same language with elegance, when the respect for the quality ingredients goes hand in hand with the passion for the art of cooking – new identity of Lithuanian cuisine is born, here in the “Stikliai” Tavern. Greens, spices, vegetables and berries come to the kitchen from Stikliai’s natural Dubingiai farm.

“Our guests now can taste specially designed dishes from the tasting menu. In addition to traditional and widely beloved delicacies of Lithuanian cuisine, the tasting menu pleasantly surprises with its originality and synthesis of Lithuanian and modern world cuisine. “You will have to wait for cepelinai for about 30 minutes, as they are made to order, that’s why are fresh and very tasty, and their price isn’t high as well. People already rated highly our venison sausages, potato pancakes with salmon and the legendary ice cream made with real moss. After the gastronomic week, we also received the best reviews about the dishes on the tasting menu – their taste is so good that are hard describe in words, so we kindly invite you to try them for yourselves. Visit us with your friends, relatives or guests,” – the employees of “Stikliai” tavern say happily.

Rich heritage of Lithuanian cuisine

Culinary expert Liutauras Markevičius shared his thoughts on yesterday’s tasting of Lithuanian dishes: „In my opinion, the dishes, whichever country’s cuisine they represent, are good, when they are made by using high-quality products and prepared by an experienced chef – and this is exactly what is so special about “Stikliai” tavern! During the tasting of the tavern, “Stikliai” demonstrated its mastery and provided an interpretation of the highest level of gastronomic traditions and “Stikliai” chef once again proved to be unbeatable in its field! If there were more places like “Stikliai” that cherishes traditions, promotes good taste and is based strictly on the use of only the highest quality products, it would be much more fun to live in Lithuania (smiles).

I would like to emphasize that Lithuanian cuisine is not šaltibarščiai and cepelinai, as many tend to think. The basis of Lithuanian culinary heritage lies in dishes from groats, fish, game and poultry. For example in Lithuania, during the 17th and 18th centuries, lamb ham was very popular meal for Sunday lunch. Of course, it’s the matter of choice, whether to buy a plastic cup of coffee or have a whole coffee drinking ritual. Food is an element like air, land or water, but not everyone has a desire to get to know this element better. ”

When asked what his favorite dish of Lithuanian cuisine is, Liutauras said that: “It is difficult to single out one favorite dish, but the most important thing for me is the harmony of quality products and talent of a chef. In my opinion, Romas is the best in this field, everything in his dishes is set to the smallest detail, and attending his dinners is like a celebration or even, I would say, a tasting ritual.”



The twists and turns of culinary history

TV presenter, historian Luka Sinevičienė said about the dinner in “Stikliai”: “It is very fun to take part in a real celebration after such a long time. It was wonderful to taste traditional but modern Lithuanian dishes – it was like a trip through the labyrinth of history. Traditional Lithuanian dishes of different eras were interpreted and served in a modern way. I was fascinated by the pure taste, subtlety and harmony of the dishes. After all, the history of Lithuanian cuisine is very wide – not only due to regional gastronomic peculiarities, but also the influence of the times. Even pasta variations can be called a traditional Lithuanian dish; they have arrived in our country by the period of the 16th century. It is interesting that during the Battle of Grunwald the main dish of the army was millet groats. I would name a lot of game dishes and connections with various cuisine traditions of other countries of the world as the uniqueness of Lithuanian cuisine. The most important aspect of our traditional cuisine, in my opinion, is the purity of taste, no matter what dish it is – from fish, meat, poultry, groats or vegetables. The most delicious dish of the evening, for me personally, was halibut – impeccable, pure taste that is even hard to compare with something. One of the pleasant surprises is that the chef has his own farm and the products he has grown are used in the restaurant.

“Stikliai” is a historical place, their dishes as well. It is a place where you can invite both friends and foreign guests or even top leaders of countries. Here you are sure that guests will be given an opportunity to have a full touch the history and culture of our country. There could be more such events, because we missed such culinary adventures as during the quarantine we got tired of fast food ordered at home. I will repeat it again – as always, everything was just flawless in “Stikliai”!”

Summer flavors and new discoveries

Eugenijus Chrebtovas, a soloist of the opera, was also impressed by the tasting dishes: “When we went to the tasting with Žaneta, we knew that in “Stikliai” everything will be very beautiful, tasty, delicate, but this time the experience exceeded all expectations! Great traditional Lithuanian cuisine here is presented differently, but everything is prepared so perfectly, subtly, tastefully – the highest level, it doesn’t get any better!

From this evening, venison sausages are my favorite dish! Just perfect, flawless. And the beets dish … everything fits so well in it that I could eat this dish every day and never get tired – the only problem is that you won’t be able prepare it so good yourself (smiles). Although I am not a big beer lover, Belgian beer was a great fit to the menu. Desserts were also wonderful, especially, summer strawberry sherbet that was a real refreshment for the body and the soul. We brought the best impressions with us: a great evening, wonderful meals, I could repeat again and again!”

No need to travel to another part of the world

“The invitation to this event was the impetus to finally go out in public, to break away from daily routine and work, to meet people I have not seen for a long time and to meet new people. As for traditional Lithuanian cuisine, we all know that it is colorful and diverse. We have long been known as a nation of farmers and hunters, therefore, our dishes, and their combinations are of high quality and healthy. In Lithuanian cuisine, everyone can discover what is delicious for them, starting with vegetables and groats, ending with fish and game dishes, soups and hotchpotch. Compliments to the impeccable chef of “Stikliai”, whose dishes taste just perfect and his Lithuanian cuisine interpretations – impeccable: fish hood, beetroot mousse, fresh summer sherbets, not only traditional, but also spinach or basil. The weather that evening was quite hot, so I wanted something refreshing, during the dinner I enjoyed the refreshing wine, cocktails that were great here. “Stikliai” tavern has a really unusual, attractive concept with great ideas for the preparation of dishes as well as their decoration and serving. No need to travel to another part of the world, you just have to look around: The combination of Vilnius Old Town and suburban Tavern style, surrounded by amazing beauty of live flowers, is simply unique. What more to want – a wonderful summer evening, a great place, wonderful people, peace of mind that we missed so much.” Professor Jolanta Talaikytė of the Vilnius Academy of Arts named the fish hood and beetroot mousse as her favorite dish of the evening.

“Stikliai” is, without a doubt, one of the best-regarded restaurant complexes in the country, the history of which dates back to 1987 and continues to this day. For more than 30 years, the name “Stikliai” has been associated with luxury, excellent service, the highest quality and French elegance.

Presidents and royal families

Always adorned, the Relais & Chateaux Stikliai complex boasts the longest history of a private restaurant in Lithuania, and thus the greatest experience, a long list of reviews or compliments from honorable guests from abroad – from presidents to royal families of many different countries.

“Stikliai” tavern is charms with its uniqueness – together with a rich menu of delicious dishes and a renewed authentic interior, which is decorated with straw-wicker gardens, clay sculptures, linen tablecloths. It is precisely the place that represents our country, culture and traditions to local and foreign guests at the highest level.

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