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Vilnius at the first sight: feeling and impression of a foreigner just moved on

Every person who for some reasons: work, study, love, is moving to a different country from its own before arrive is certainly curious to know the most he/she can about the culture and the way of life of the people who live there. So here we are, a new web page in which you can find just first hand information written by someone that is experiencing the same feelings. By the way, dear lectors, this is not the only reason to read this section of the blog. We will bring you at the discovery of every single corner of this city and more generally around Lithuania. These posts will also accompany you at the most cool events you are wondering to go.

Therefore, let’s leave aside the stereotype about the cold Lithuanian people and let’s speak about the first week in Vilnius.

The city welcomes you with an historical centre easily accessible, practically at your fingertips. Moreover, all the most interesting points and monuments can be visited on foot by taking a walk through cosy alleys extremely neat, colourful and clean. However when you feel tired you can have a rest and choose between a lot of bars and cafeterias that offer you handmade pies, cakes and all kind of biscuits presented in such attractive way that you could not resist. The business district is separated from the old town by the Neris river that runs through all the city.  For the most sportive people or just for those who appreciate walk in the green, Vilnius is dotted by parks kept as small jewels.

Finally when the sun goes down starts an intense nightlife that proposes you event for all tastes from the most posh to the alternative ones. Beer lovers will fell like home, in every pub is possible to find several kinds of draft beers at very affordable prices and a wide variety of bottled beers coming from all around Europe.

Indeed, those who prefer wine don’t have to feel worry about it there is plenty of winery that goes from the most folkloristic ones till the most minimalist and sophisticated. They are able to suggest you wines for every taste that can satisfy even the most complicated Italian connoisseur or French professional sommelier. To fully enjoy a palatable glass of wine is definitely necessary to order it with some food. This could be the right occasion to taste a typical Lithuanian dish called kepta duona looking like strips of black fried bread usually served with melted cheese. The strong flavour of this dish will immediately insert in the Lithuanian culinary climate characterized by definite tastes.

Furthermore the typical Lithuanian cuisine mainly based on potato considered as staple food by the majority of traditional recipe, it is relatively poor of alternatives. For this reason all over the city springing up like mushrooms a comprehensive range of restaurants: Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese or even more exotic such as Thai or Vietnamese.  Some of them offer a take away service, the cheapest and the fastest ones are open nearly all the night to feed even the more night owls.

Then dear lectors we just have to go out and enjoy.

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