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Vilnius celebrates 695th birthday

Today, Vilnius is 695 years old. According to historians, on this day in 1323 Vilnius was first mentioned by the letter of the Grand Duke Gediminas to the cities of Western Europe.

The capital’s municipality has prepared a lot of surprises for the residents of Vilnius and the city: from early morning until evening, the divorce of gifts will take place in different areas of Vilnius, 695 birthday candles will be blown up on Vilnius Street at one time, A birthday cake will be awarded to the municipality, in particular newborns born today and newlyweds will be rewarded, every pupil and kindergarten will learn about Vilnius birthday, Gediminas’ Letter Exposition and educational events, history lessons about Vilnius, St. Christopher’s awards at the Town Hall, hospitably meet arriving in Vilnius and many other fun surprises.

“The celebration of Vilnius today is open, fast and growing. Last year was born the idea to start a new tradition and prepare for the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. We want to understand the important date for the city and Lithuania, therefore we invited all ̵

1; cultural and artistic, educational and scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and active communities together to celebrate Vilnius. I am glad that this year a whole group of magnificent friends of the feast has appeared, in the city there will be a lot of events, educational activities and entertainment for everyone celebrating Vilnius – from newborns to seniors! “- the mayor of the city Remigijus Šimašius is pleased.

Vilnius prepares a surprise for babies born on a birthday party in Vilnius – they will be bestowed on all the bears with birthday attributes of Vilnius and the inscription “Vilnius loves you”. There are about 25 small villagers who are going to be present today. Four couples married in Vilnius on the birthday party will have a sweet surprise from the municipality.

Where to celebrate?

From 10:00. In the municipality (Konstitucijos ave. 3), all those who come will be delighted with the great birthday cake

The biggest surprise for the residents of the capital on the occasion of the birthday of the capital is the great game “695 Gifts for the Witches”. During the game, there are plenty of special gifts in different areas of the city – enough to say the game password, which will be available in the municipality account in Facebook. The gift game will be held all day – from 8:00. in the morning till 21 o’clock evening It will be crowned by the free singer Aistė Lasyte’s concert at Piano Man’s Bar from 21:00, where the city’s birthday gifts will also be shared.

More than 30 friends and sponsors joined the game, which generously offered the game “695 gifts to the residents” several times more gifts than 695, worth about 30 thousand. Eur! Gifts will be great for both big and small, you will be able to win invitations to the performances of Vilnius city troupes, tickets for various cinemas to the cinema, the most popular city tours, sports arenas and clubs, delicious coffee cups, UBER rides, microcomputers, photo sessions, books, free visits to the most popular museums and a lot of other presents.

On the 25th of January in the capital’s schools there will be a history lesson about Vilnius. 5-12 hours teachers are invited to organize lessons of Vilnius history today, not only in schools, but also to visit museums where educational activities take place. For the guidelines for a special history lesson, on 25 January, the municipality of the capital was grateful to the team of teachers in the history of Vilnius.

12 o’clock. On the occasion of the capital’s birthday, the three Vilnius flags will be solemnly raised in the Town Hall Square, together with the mayor of the capital Remigijus Šimačius will be raised by three generations of Vilnius residents – Little Christopher’s Laureate, Vilnius Lyceum student Ernestas Ramanauskas, opera singer Ieva Prudnikovaitė and Vilnius honorary citizen, architect Algimantas Nasvytis

From 10 o’clock morning before 6 pm The program “Vilnius Day at the Royal Palace” is being prepared at the Palace of the Masters. During the birthday of Vilnius, the Palace of the Grand Duchy will host thematic excursions, brain fighting, and educational activities. A detailed program of events:

Vilnius was first mentioned by the Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania in 1323. January 25 a letter to Western European cities. January 25 we invite you not to miss a rare occasion – to visit the exhibition of the letter of the Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania at Vilnius Picture Gallery (Didžioji St. 4), where from 12:30 The exhibition “The word of the lord of the world to the world: we open our land and dominions to every human being of good will” will be opened. Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius will read Gediminas’ letter. Letters will be read until 15:00

From 11:00. morning before 6 pm The museum will open the church, where the treasury of Vilnius Cathedral and the most valuable holies from the churches of Vilnius Archbishopric are displayed. We invite you to take an exclusive opportunity to visit St. the Sapiegs family crypt installed at the Archangel Michael Church and get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the noble family of the famous Grand Duchy of Lithuania. We are waiting for your Holy Mykolo g. 9. More information can be found here.

From 6 pm Vilnius invites you to the “695 Birthday Cake” campaign on your birthday party on Vilnius Street (near Gediminas Avenue)! Everyone who comes will receive a festive cake, will be invited to come up with a wish to the capital and simultaneously blow up a birthday candle with each and every one and take a picture at the record jubilee.

St. Valentine’s Day will be crowned at the birthday of Vilnius. The Christopher Awards at the City Hall, which will be honored by the most deserving Vilnius citizens a year.

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