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Which image international web sites paint of Lithuania?

After returning to this wonderful weekend of relaxation and sightseeing of untouched and wild places some questions haunt me. What is the image that international and particularly Italian web sites provide us about Lithuania? Which useful information can you find surfing on Internet as a tourist? 

Even I, in fact, before physically put a foot in this country I knew very little about the culture, the customs and the traditions of this country and of this ancient and proud civilization.

Certainly, the pages that have been written to provide touristic information over hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hostels and so on are many and sometimes very detailed too. It is also quite simple to become aware of the most distinctive and evocative sites to visit.

Rivers of news over the capital, Vilnius which historical centre has been included in the UNESCO world heritage, are at hand as much as those about several national parks such as just to give some examples the Trakai one or the Europas Parkas. It is located 26 km away from the capital and inside it is officially marked the geographical centre of Europe and more than 100 between sculptures and installations are exposed there.  Since 1991 when the park was converted in an open air museum it has become increasingly popular.

Finally, it is not even necessary to mention the reports about the far more classics touristic destination such as Klaipeda, the Curonian Spit, Palanga and its white sandy beaches or Druskininkai with its spas and Grūto Parkas that collects the remains of a half a century piece of history of this country.

From my analysis, that certainly has not the ambition to be exhaustive, it is clear that the typical gastronomy’s world is quite known. However, only a few of the sites I have consulted insert specific names of dishes such as Kepta duona just bread pieces with cheese or garlic cream, Šaltibarščiai one typical cold soup, Kėdainių blynai some kind of frites potato pancakes than can served with spinach and meat as well.  Nonetheless the majority of them provide just surface info about Lithuanian cuisine underlining the general fact that potato is its basic element being a typical agricultural product of the country. Only few of them linger on more accurate descriptions.

Apparently also sports and culture in general are not so stranger for international portals. Indeed is quite easy to find out that contrarily to other European countries, maybe the majority, in Lithuania is not football the most popular and played sports. Here, in fact, the national sport is basketball believed to be a second religion.

Almost entirely absent are, instead, information about places where go out and nightlife as well as events and festival that fill the calendar.

It is exactly for this reason why you have to come here and try by yourselves!

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