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Why you won’t leave Lithuania? Sharing experiences with Hub Camp #26

Sometimes when you’re about to change country and move away from your home, your loved ones and especially from your traditions and customs a lot of doubts assail you. Yet above all, why should you choose Lithuania to live?

Since the first time I set foot in Lithuania I immediately realized that Vilnius was indeed a city with a rather lively international community and that the city itself responds with a myriad of proposals drawn on foreigners’ shape. Moreover something to be reckoned with, as it has been previously pointed out, is the fact that the economy of this country is going through a phase of expansion. Thanks to low salaries, which keep production costs very low and due to poor bureaucracy that makes very easy and inexpensive to start a business, many companies and international service multinationals are located in this small town in the European periphery.

Up to now what is surprising is not only the speed on which runs the country but also the amount of energy and innovation that stimulates the growth and development of several successful start-ups.

There are several competitive advantages offered by this country; first of all its strategic position like a bridge between East and West and the potentiality of the language skills that ensure a role of bearing and interposition. Furthermore, I believe the most important point is certainly represented, beyond the high skills in computer technology, by the ecosystem of information and experiences exchange that serves as a sounding board for ideas and projects, and that becomes the support for those who wish to put into practice their own business idea.

All I mention happens thanks also to Hub that is the first co-working and start-up acceleration place in Vilnius. But what exactly is Hub Vilnius?

Hub Vilnius is all that can serve when you enter into the start-ups’ world otherwise the possibility of creating new jobs both directly and as consequence of consulting business to grow their own business idea. Hub is en effect much more than this and it goes from the preparation of events in the start-ups’ field to the organization of training courses, recommendations and meetings.

Anyway we wonder especially what in practice is the co-working?

The idea is to bring together professionals, from many different industries and also from different back ground, working under the same roof creating in this way the possibility to communicate and exchange tips and knowledge switching on a virtuous chain where creativity promotes cooperation and initiative and so on. This is an innovative approach evidently capable of amplifying the advantages of the spills off of knowledge that are generated.

This weekend was organized at the Swedish Bank headquarters the Hub camp #26. The crucial topic of this meeting was to share personal experiences of those who have moved to this country for several different purpose, for work to brief internship or even holydays time, but always ending up by remaining electrocuted and transforming what originally was supposed to be a short experience in real life projects.

This meeting wanted to give a voice to those who were willing to tell a very diverse audience their positive experience, not only from a professional point of view but also from a purely human and personal one.

The audience of the event entered into the story of this talented Italian singer-songwriter, called Antonio Parmesano, who led us on the tune of his “bossanova” to know a little better his business project.

The speakers were numerous and the watchword was fun, all of them have shown in the most self-deprecating way they could their love story with Lithuania. Mark Adam Harold aka Splinter, for instance, coming directly from London he founds in Vilnius an absolutely fertile ground for express himself and he decided to stand in the forthcoming administrative elections in the City Council, ensuring to bring a breath of fresh and liberal air. Either, even those like Elana Siegel directly from San Francisco, she came up with a project and then she left herself to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and creativity that she found in Lithuania.

Finally, the organizers have explained how to share experiences is crucial not only to feel less alone in this world where mass communication has created generations of people who live a virtual double life but also to meet and create a network that then represent the exact projection of the Hub mission.

If you also have something to tell and you are willing to share it, do not miss the next Hub camp.

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