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Young talents of sports dance make Lithuania famous

The dream of thirteen-year-old dancers Lukas Jasinevičius and Meida Kybartaitė is to become World Champions. And they are definitely moving towards their dreams. Last week’s 2021 At the Lithuanian Standard and Latin American Dance Championships, the performance of Luke and Meida did not cause any doubts for the judges: all their dances were evaluated only in the first places.

Defending the honor of your country is the most pleasant

Today, young dancers are once again in the gym, preparing to defend Lithuania’s honor in the sports dance tournament “Blackpool Junior Festival”, which will take place in Great Britain. It’s hard to believe that Lukas and Meida, who are picking up significant victories on the dance floor, only started dancing in the couple last year. Until then, everyone had accumulated experience and earned titles individually. At the age of eleven, Meida lived in Estonia for a year and became Estonian champion there twice. At a similar time, Luke danced bread in Crimean Russia, a famous Moscow dance school, for half a year. The children say that living abroad without a family was very difficult for them, but an interpreter. “Maybe we both played sports abroad so that we would finally stop for a couple here in Lithuania,” say the dancers. And as soon as they started dancing, they immediately gained a significant victory – last year they became the champions of Lithuanian sports dance Latin American dance.
Both children are winners and prize-winners of international tournaments and championships. Meida can be proud to be the bronze winner of the prestigious Stuttgard tournament. True, they admit that the feeling when standing on the podium of the winners does not sound like the Lithuanian anthem is not as majestic as when hearing the national anthem of their country.

Learn from professionals

And in order to be able to climb the podium as often as possible, the children really work a lot – they train every day for 6-7 hours. It would look like the already perfectly jumped figures, the children in the gym repeat and refine to scruples. In addition to diligence, this duo is also characterized by excellent agreement and support for each other.
L. Jasinevičius and M. Kybartaitė represent the sports dance club “Dance Technology Academy”. Vaidotas Lacitis and Veronika Golodneva-Lacitis, dancers in the professional league, prepare young athletes in the standard dance program. The coach of Karina Eremian-Daniškevičė, who has already finished her professional career, and her former partner, who lives in the United States of America, Justinas Duknauskas, are preparing for the Latin American dance program. Coach Alan Dzeranov prepares children for physical training.

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