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Burbiškis manor caters to guests from Lithuania and all around the world


Burbiškis manor is a place, dwelling of XIX centuries nobles luxury. The new governors Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang and Kim Hoang strive to achieve and restore the aristocratic qualities, where the manors kitchen perfectly embodies the enigma of the earths kindred spirit, pleasantly surprising even the biggest gourmets. All year round the Burbiškis manor welcomes all to enjoy exceptional events and the highest quality of aristocracy.

Guests from Lithuania and across the globe

Based in the Anykščiai region, Burbiškis Manor is the centre of tourism, making a name for itself with its unique atmosphere, precisely well-groomed gardens, variety of constantly occurring events, and a cozy hotel, with an interior, dwelling of XIX centuries nobility, luxury and its peculiar style.

Burbiškis Manor is often visited by famous individuals from Lithuania and abroad, being attracted by in-house held concerts and themed parties. Filled with the soul of romanticism, the manor is becoming more famous as an ideal venue for significant international business meetings, as well as, personal and corporate celebrations.

The renovated mansion opened in August with guests visiting from Great Britain, France, Israel, Italy, U.S.A. and other countries. Just like in the old days, rumours of the renovated Burbiškis manors prosperity spread widely across the world.

Manor – just like home

Former opera solist Birutė Vizgirdienė says that whenever she comes back to the manor, it is as if she is coming home, and she praises the owners for restoring the unique and home like atmosphere.

“I always come to the manor as if I were coming home, everything is so unique here. I remember my mom’s stories – she was a courtier. The new manors hosts are doing very well at restoring that truthful manor-like atmosphere.” – said smiling B. Vizgirdienė.

The Gardens Gem – Japanese Sakura Tree

Recently Burbiškis Manor welcomed the Japanese industries representatives of the unifying federation “KEIDANREN” and a Japanese ambassador Shiro Yamasaki, who traveled to Lithuania with his wife Yuko. To signify the mutual respect between Lithuania and Japan, a Japanese cherry tree- sakura, was planted. The symbolic ceremony, was also attended by the Anykščiai regions municipalities mayor Sigutis Obelevičius. The manors hostess Orinta Evaitė-Hoang was happy being able to represent Lithuanias Culture, as well as, to present the manors history to the guests from abroad.

“We are very happy, being able to represent Lithuanias Culture and to present the Burbiškis Manors history. The nobilities cultures heritage, with accents from all around the world comes to life again. Hosting concerts, art galleries and various cultural events, once more made the manor the cultural centre of attraction in Lithuania” — happily stated O. Eivaitė- Hoang.

Burbiškis Manors Restaurant pleasantly surprises even the biggest gourmets

Burbiškis Manors restaurant, under the command of Chef Šarūnas Marčiulaitis is highly appraised for its quality by visitors and participants of various celebrations and events held at the manor.

The menu consists of exceptional seasonal and refined dishes, made from fresh ingredients, which reveal tastes of various cultures, especially the South. By the words of the Chef, each and every person who visits the manor has the perfect chance to submerge into experiencing a unique dinner, filled with positivity and care, and You can be rest assured that the memory of it will not dwindle away any time soon.

“I’ve first encountered the Italian cuisine 10 years ago and it has stuck to me ever since! While working at a restaurant called “Picajolu” I realised how unique the Italian cuisine actually is, and how amazing it is to work with the freshest and highest class ingredients. Burbiškis Manor guests who visit our restaurant have a perfect chance to see, that one does not require fancy ingredients to create a memorable and a sensational dinner”,- spoke Š. Marčiulaitis inviting all to visit the manors restaurant.

“The Chef guarantees that everyone who tries his dishes, will experience what balance, harmony, and passion for their work entail.”- Š. Marčiulaitis encouraged.

Visitors are delighted by the festivities held in Burbiškis

The new Burbiškis Manor hosts, former model Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang and her husband Kim Hoang, assert that from its inception, the manor has been a place, visited not only by Lithuanias elite, but by competent foreign guests as well, who brought news of the far land cultures and international cooking secrets. The new hosts aim to share the aristocratic qualities of the manor, and the prosperous worldly spirit.

During Christmas O. Eivaitė-Hoang and K. Hoang invited all to feel the aristocratic, worldly spirits. In between the holidays, unique Christmas dining was created, and those who came were greeted by songs performed by the famous opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas. Japans Ambassadors wife Yuko was stunned and left with unforgettable memories of the Christmas Eve

„The quiet surroundings of the Burbiškis estate were slightly covered in winters snow. The manor greeted us with warmth from the decorated fireplaces, Christmas decorates and the cozy atmosphere. Eugenij Chrebtovs songs were a perfect ending to this year. It was touching and spiritual, and I really value the hosts hospitality.”,- said the cultural cherisher and Japanese ambassadors wife Yuko.

According to the Burbiškis Manors hosts, the new year holds many various events, and musical surprises in store, as well as unique art projects.

The Rise of Manors

It is no secret that manors all across Lithuania were abandoned and destroyed, however after the declaration of independence was signed, a significant portion of them were restored and “brought back to life”. Now the residents of Lithuania and guests from abroad are once more delighted and able to enjoy the beauty and the history of manors all across Lithuania. Every manor has its own story, a unique face and new hosts, who strive to accommodate guests, cater to their needs and create pleasant and unforgettable memories. After the festive celebrations of the New Years, manors now prepare for the waves of guests coming in 2020.

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