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Famous guests from abroad predict international success for Lithuanian rock band “Makchu Pikchu”

On Wednesday evening, rock’n’roll gentlemen, Lithuanian band “Makchu Pikchu” brought together lots of well-known Lithuanian people and guests from abroad to the concert in the Summer Terrace. Among the guests, owner of three beauty crowns Asta Muralytė with her daughter, professional stylist Olga Wiseman with her husband, opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas, designer Jolanta Talaikytė, singer, actress Agnė Sabulytė, performers Marija Monika-Dičiūnė with her husband Tomas Dičiūnas, Augustė Vedrickaitė, Diana Dargienė, Domas Čenulevičius, historian and public figure Luka Sinevičienė, charity events organizer Natali Dapkienė, businessman Artūras Mrazauskas, public relations specialist, public figure Alkas Paltarokas and honorary guest from Ukraine, 30th Brigade War Chaplain Serhiy Dmytriyev.

The concert featured well-known hits by “Makchu Pikchu”, songs from their latest album “Home” and few song premieres. M.A.M.A. winners, who introduced their new vocalist Edgar Petrulis in April 2018, are performing intensively throughout Lithuania, their songs are played on major national radio stations, and they are not ready to slow down – “Makchu Pikchu” guys are already working on their third album.

Professional stylist Olga Wiseman shared her thoughts on the concert: “I really like the way “Makchu Pikchu” perform their songs live. I was fascinated by Edgar’s voice – he’s a really talented vocalist!” Olga Wiseman’s spouse, Scottish engineer Alexander Wiseman adds: “Makchu Pikchu” has an international quality to their sound. In my opinion, this band can be professionally compared to, let’s say, world-renowned rock band like “Franz Ferdinand” that I heard in a live concert recently. I can definitely imagine “Makchu Pikchu” on any international stage and I very much hope that they will have a concert in Scotland soon too! I also loved the fact that the entire program compiled their own songs. I had a great time at the concert!”

Asta Muralytė, owner of three beauty crowns, who came with her daughter Antuanete, said: “The mood after the concert is wonderful, the band and their songs were very much enjoyed by me and my daughter, we even went to the dance floor. It was such a fun concert!”

Designer Jolanta Talaikytė said: “I used to listen to “Makchu Pikchu” recordings and their live performance really did not disappoint – great vocalist and musicians. Band members are very theatrical, I would say even exotic, as is the name of the band, there is a lot of emotion on the stage, so it’s really exciting to attend such a concert!”

“Great evening, quality music, extremely talented guys,” said opera soloist Eugenijus Chrebtovas. – Edgaras Petrulis surprised by his outstanding vocals and of course I enjoyed the professional backing band. I’ll be happy to come listen to this band one more time!”

Historian and public figure Luka Sinevičienė shared her thoughts on the concert: “I have been following this group for some time now. I’ve always liked them, but I just love the current group composition with Edgaras in the forefront. He is an amazing vocalist and a very handsome rock star (smiles). I would highlight their songs in Lithuanian, since music has always been one of the symbols of patriotism. It’s great when musicians who young audience is following declare the values of patriotism in their creative work and social activities.”

Honorable guest from Ukraine, 30th Brigade War Chaplain Serhiy Dmytriyev said: “For the first time I was listening to Lithuanian rock. Loved this band and their songs in Lithuanian were just fantastic. I really like this genre of music, everyone who knows me, know that I always listen to the rock music in my car. As a war chaplain, I do record good rock music on USB media and give it to my soldiers. I believe that rock has the ability to raise spirit, encourage reflection and cheer up people. I think my soldiers would have loved this concert too.”  Organizers promised to present recordings of the band and the chaplain assured that 5,000 of his soldiers would certainly hear the music of “Makchu Pikchu”.

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