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Infrastructure constructions funded by the German Ministry of Defence gathering pace in Rukla

Infrastructure for the Rukla-based NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group equipment, vehicles, maintenance and storing services has been designed. The project design includes a new security post, command headquarters, warehouses of different purposes, maintenance facility, etc. The procurement of contract work will be opened, including for Lithuanian companies, in June later this year.

It is the largest project undertaken to ensure that the needs of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania are met that the Federal Ministry of Defence supports. On the basis of an agreement between the Lithuanian and the German Defence Ministries, the project is organized and will be implemented by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

“Our goal is to create flawless conditions for the deployment and training of our allies in Lithuania. We have a shared objective, that is to protect and deter any attempt or attack the territory of our state,” Vice Minister of National Defence Vilius Semeška says.

The NSPA agency implements projects of NATO allies, including the projects under the NATO Security Investment Programme. It guarantees top quality services and work, transparent procurement process, the invitations to tender are open to other NATO allies.

The worth of the Rukla project amounts to Eur 40 million. The larger portion of it is provided by the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany. The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence is financing water and electricity supply installations, area preparation and other preparatory work.

“We deliver security. Lithuania and Germany are doing it for the good of our both countries and the whole Alliance. German investments in military infrastructure in Lithuania demonstrate that we do work and thinking for the long-term,” said Ambassador of Germany to Lithuania HE Matthias Sonn.

The project in Rukla will result in buildings of different purposes, constructions and utility networks, new grounds covers.

The successful tenderer will begin the constructions in the fourth quarter of 2021 with the planned completion deadline until 2023.

Lithuania has carried out national defence projects through the NSPA before as well. In the second half of this year the projects for the largest extension of Pabradė Training Area is planned to be announced. It will be financed both, from NATO and the national defence funds. The worth of its first phase will amount to approx. Eur 60 million.

Also, a project for overhaul of the Šiauliai Air Base platform will be announced in the second semester of this year. It will be financed under the NATO Security Investment Programme.

“Quality requirements for all of these projects will be particularly high, we plan to seek expertise from foreign professional and laboratories,” says V. Semeška.

The NSPA is the main public procurement platform used by defence authorities of NATO allies for acquisition of different goods and services. The NSPA has over 10 thousand suppliers in its database.

Germany is the framework nation of the NATO eFP Battle Group deployed in Rukla. The international unit is at any point manned by approx. 1.2 thousand allied military personnel. Currently its manpower is provided by Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, and Luxembourg, aside from Germany.

Photo credit: Sgt Spc 1st Class I. Budzeikaitė

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