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“Subtilu-Z” will celebrate the 100th anniversary at least 100 times

“It is necessary to celebrate birthdays, especially if it is the 100th birthday. We will not live to see such birthday once more“, the members of instrumental group “Subtilu-Z” say. During celebration of the 100th anniversary of Independence of Lithuania, “Subtilu-Z” offers the exclusive program: musicians, dressed in costumes, designed for the 100th anniversary, will organise the concert tour for Lithuanians, scattered around the world.   During the concerts, “Subtilu-Z” will fill the festive yearbook and invite fans to share their thoughts – what this important anniversary of Lithuania means to them.

 “Subtilu-Z” begins the festive tour in Europe and the USA with the slogan “It is necessary to celebrate the 100th anniversary at least 100 times”. “We are patriots, so the 100th anniversary of the state is exceptionally important. It is true that we do not want to understand the anniversary bluntly. We want to live our lives in the maximum mode and discover the opportunities to celebrate every day: freedom, friendship, all the opportunities that we have today”, group accordionist Povilas Velikis told.

The group will organise performances in Brussels, Grodno, Warsaw and Prague. The concert marathon will move to the USA in March and 3 concerts and meetings with local Lithuanians will take place in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The group plans to visit Lithuanians living in Astana (Kazakhstan) in summer. “Subtilu-Z” will also perform in different cities of Lithuania all year round.

The group will fill the yearbook of feasts.

“Subtilu-Z” members invite to follow their festive tour on social networks, where boys will fill the yearbook of the tour all year round. Musicians hope that fans, following this yearbook,  will be active, and they will share their joys and thoughts about the anniversary of Lithuania.

“We hope that our yearbook will be a little inspiration that will encourage to enjoy life more and appreciate what we have around.  A good friend, help from a stranger, freedom to travel and engage in activities that provide pleasure – after all, this is exactly the true joy of life”, percussionist Vytautas Švažas explained.

The members of the group will present one original interpretation of Lithuanian composition every month of 2018. V. Švažas hopes that the different sound of some works, created by well-known authors,  will remind people of the richness of our culture.

Musicians, wearing festive costumes, will start the tour.

Velikis jokes that each of us smartens celebrating the anniversary of the close person. In this case, the anniversary is not ordinary, this is the birthday of our state. Fashion house “KristiAndress” created the collection of exclusive, personal costumes specifically for the group’s tour.

The personal clothing was created for each member of the group: with the musician’s embroidered initials, the name of the instrument and other personal symbolism.  The motto of “Subtilu-Z” will also be highlighted in the festive group wear: “Celebrate Life Play Music“.

“We have worn them only during the photo session but I have to admit that the feeling is really special. We need to improve, some kind of responsibility is felt while standing in front of the audience”, P. Velikis shared the impressions.



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